Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Bringing up baby: Senescence

Floating balloon

Atilla just experienced a very upsetting thing in his life. He's learning about senescence.

His floating balloon no longer floats.

Aunty visited on Sunday, gifting a balloon! And incidentally the stuffed giraffe tied to the end of it. Oh, Atilla had so much fun catching the balloon and releasing it to float to the roof of the house. Once it floated up the stairs!

By the evening it was hovering mid-air.

By the next morning the balloon had stopped floating, and was reducing in size. Atilla was very upset. Why couldn't he have the same fun he had before? Why was it that, even when the string was tied to the giraffe as it was before, the balloon still won't float?

Mummy fix it!

Sadly, I had to explain the facts of life. Sorry Atilla, the balloon is getting old. It's too tired to float.

He refused to accept the explanation.

Daddy fix it!

Giraffe tickle Atilla! Tickle tickle!
Senescencing balloon

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