Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bringing up baby: 27-28 January 2013

27 January 2013 highlights:
* Tilly riding his tricycle in a circuit around the partition between kitchen and lounge, "Bye bye Tilly. Bye bye Tilly. Bye bye Atilla. Bye bye Mummy." Then, riding up to me (doing the dishes), "Hello Mummy." I was Charmed! (this is the first time I've heard it from him!) "Hello Tilly"
* allowing Tilly all the time he wanted to make friends with a dog, Emma, at the supermarket;
* picnic lunch at the playground - Tilly didn't want to have lunch, until it was explained and understood that it was a Picnic Lunch at the playground. Then he insisted he didn't need a bib (which I foolishly agreed. sigh).  He was able to wander around the grounds and hillock during lunch;
* playing with Tilly at the playground after the picnic - Tilly had had many swings on the swing with Daddy. After lunch it was my turn to play with Tilly. We mucked about in the nicest way, all around the playground. The climbing nets, the yellow slide, sitting on the seats (and sitting on our hats).

28 January 2013 highlights:
* Tilly's Breakfast Routine - he et his yoghurt & muesli, he et 1/4 of my bagel, he et 1/4 of Daddy's cold smoked salmon. Then, he wanted to Play with Trike - specifically, an adult taking him for a fast whirl around. We convinced him to take Giraffe for a ride on his trike. Tillly acceded, and gleefully dragged Giraffe on a circuit. This seemed to him to be unsatisfactory. So Teddy Bear was the next toy experiencing the Triking expedition. It was very cute -
* going to Panmure Lagoon pools - it started so well. Tilly was very playful when it came to undressing and re-dressing in his swimming gear. Then it was sunscreen time. It was a performance to have Tilly co-operate to wear his shorts, to ride in the car to the pools. He put up a barrage of negotiations comprising "No. No. No!" tears, and sobs and wails. He sought a second opinion from Mummy. I explained to him that yes, we wear our swimming togs to go swimming. Yes, we wear shorts over our togs, and we take our shorts off at the pools before we go swimming. The noise lessened. Then we assayed with leaving the house without his socks and shoes on -- no, Tilly wants to have his socks and shoes on! Oh-kay... Tilly didn't want to sit down in his car seat... Not sure how that got settled, but I remember I explained to Daddy that Tilly was upset because he thought Daddy was angry with him. Something happened. Daddy got into driver's seat (I think perhaps Tilly was unfamiliar with Daddy driving him to the pools - usually it is me in the driving seat). I re-iterated firmly, "We're going to the pools."
* Tilly being encouraged to play and explore at Panmure Lagoon - we mainly enjoyed the Splash Pad, where Tilly had fun using the water cannon on Mummy and Daddy, and finding rainbows, and we enjoyed playing Fish Daddy in the indoor pool, and we enjoyed a snack break on the grass in the shade;
* Tilly's After Bath Routine - this is his Nekkid Time. He has a chance to bounce around the king-sized bed in the spare room. When he was much younger, he would use his nappy boxes as a fort, then as a climbing/sitting area; this stopped when his weight became more than boxes could support. Now, he builds a fort using the 3 pillows and 2 large towels and 1 baby bath tub. Or possibly, he is re-enacting the Going Out Routine, wherein he sits in his carseat (with front bolster) and says "Bye bye" to everybody and everybody says "bye bye" to him. This weekend he's ressurrected his name: "Bye bye Tilly. Bye bye Atilla."
* Tilly's bed-time routine - I really enjoy Tilly's bedtime routine. I love reading to him, I love how he participates in the story-telling. I love how he sits in my lap. I love how he chooses the books to be read. I love how he plays with his toys. I love his family play with his Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear2, Giraffe.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bringing up baby: 26 January 2013

The trend of Tilly's maturation and worldly experiences appears to indicate a propensities for the unusual. If a Google search for help is any indication. First, pomegranate seed up the nose. Now, biting, and swallowing, a piece of plastic spoon.

Today was one of our splendid days as a family.

It was the day after our big family get-together, wherein we all stayed up late, and awoke late.

One of the consequences being that Tilly was able to withstand staying awake until mid-afternoon, allowing us three to say our good-byes at the airport to the family returning home to Brisbane, and enjoy one big family lunch at the airport.

We woke this morning (Tilly in our parental bed). Tilly snuffled closer to me in an attempt to have another snooze before parents woke up to look after him. Oh, the happiness on his face when he realised I was also awake! Such a lovely smile.

He was very nice to me, giving me sufficient time to gather my thoughts and encourage the rest of my anatomy to get on with the day, get dressed, wake up, and take Tilly downstairs for his morning milk. He busied himself, bringing Giraffe. He talked to Giraffe, "yes? yes? Okay."

Daddy reposed in bed. I hauled Tilly-carrying-Giraffe, and carried his water bottle down the stairs.   Tilly then surprised me, by insistently wriggling so as to be put down to walk. "Tilly," I called to him, "can you put water bottle on the table and put Giraffe on his seat?" He surprised me a second time, by accepting the water bottle (he is now co-ordinate s and strong enough to carry his water bottle and Giraffe and walk At The Same Time!) and following my instructions. Almost.

"Oh no," he said. This was when I realised Somebody had moved Giraffe's seat last night from it's usual place. I rectified the matter, shovelling the pile of IDon'tRecall off Giraffe's seat, and moving the seat where it out to be.

Anyhow, Tilly was very nice at the Milk Routine. I enjoy the way he taps his plastic milk bottle against the granite bench, how he teases me by handing me the teat to pour milk into, then smirks at me as he finally hands me the bottle proper; I pour the warmed milk into the bottle, to the soundtrack of plastic bottle top banging on the granite bench; he waits patiently as I rinse out the milky Pyrex jug, three times; I pick him up off his steps, and carry him to the rocking chair; he settles down for a snuggle and milk, I close my eyes for more shut-eye and snuggle.

Tilly was also very nice to me at Change Nappy Routine. He was happy.

Daddy made us a hot breakfast this morning - scrambled eggs on buttered English muffins. We ate every bit. Tilly interspersed his breaking fast with episodic Play. I simply focused on finishing my tea. Daddy was so very very nice to Tilly. They did Triking. They did Reading. They did MagnaDoodling. Tilly also did Empty-My-Chest-Box.

This gave me sufficient time to catch up on necessary housework, to prepare for this long weekend of excellent weather.

And then it was noon, the time I was told the West Auckland convoy was leaving. The Central Auckland gang got our act together, and removed from our house. This involved repeatedly telling Tilly, "we're going out. put on your socks and shoes". Optimistically,Tilly insisted on brining his outside ball.

En route to airport, I was informed the ETA had been moved to 12.40pm. The CA gang diverted to this lovely Angelican church Daddy had discovered a while ago, wee playground included. How foresighted of Tilly to have brought the ball.

We three mucked about a bit. I had so much fun. The wee playground was just right for Tilly to climb, and slide, and hide. The park bench was just right for Daddy to sit on. We invented a few games today.

Boomp. This requires a park bench, a ball, and two people. Person A is sitting down. Person B kicks the ball to A. Person A boomps the ball back to Person B using his hips. Ad nauseum.

1-2-3-Jump! This requires at least three things to jump off. Today it was wooden stumps embedded in concrete. Three people stand on the stumps. Person A counts, "one two three jump!" And all three people jump down at the same time. All three get back on the stumps, and it's Person B's turn to count down and call. Then Person C's turn.
   As a variation, running around the rubbish bin may be incorporated into the end routine, before returning to stand on the stumps.
   Another variation, the count down and calling may be silent. This adds to the challenge.
I'm really proud of this game, as the idea of all three of us getting on the stumps then jumping off and then getting back on, was Tilly's. As was running around the rubbish bin. My only contribution was the count down and calling.

We also kicked the ball around. Tilly pursued a few birds. Husband and I chatted idly for a bit. And then it was 1pm, time to return to our plan of arriving at the airport to say our good byes.

En route, 1.05pm, I am informed the WA convoy had departed. This meant CA gang had to find more ways of entertaining a demanding, yet adorable, two year old.

On the way, Tilly taught Daddy and me how to make the brrrm brrrm sounds of an engine. It is surprisingly harder than it appears. I have much respect for Tilly's noise. When I do brrrm brrrm, I get a head ache. I found myself making raspberry noises more easily than brrrm brrrm sounds. Daddy picked up the knack faster than I did, but he didn't compare to the Master.

We arrived at Check-In. Made our way to the viewing lounge. Tilly was charmed. And charming. He really enjoyed himself. I wondered whether it might be worth it to spend one whole day at the airport for him to get satiated.

Eventually he did get bored when the last of the planes had taken off, and allowed us to go find Ah Ma.

Later on, after he'd finished his lunch, he requested to be taken to see the viewing lounge again. This was after he'd bitten off the end of the black plastic teaspoon. It was very close to our pre-agreed car park limit. But I couldn't deny my tired sweet baby one more chance to see real aeroplanes close up. He and I went up together. He had so much fun making himself at home. There weren't many planes taking off, mostly small ones landing. He was tired, but still didn't want to leave. I explained to him I was going home, having a nap, then playing fireworks.

"Home, nap, fireworks."
"No nap," he negotiated.
"Nap, then fireworks," I stood my ground. I thought that was pretty generous, considering he'd had at least 6 hours screen time at Ah Ma's on Thursday.
"No nap," he negotiated.
"Nap, then fireworks."

He turned his back to me, and faced the window facing aeroplanes.

I said, "Bye bye Tilly. See you later," and turned my back too, to walk away.

"Wahh," he cried.

I stopped, and turned to face him. "Come with me," I entreated.

He was torn. He didn't want to leave the planes. He didn't want to be without an Anchor. "Waah," he cried. I walked back to him, and cuddled him, and stroked him, walking to the hallway, doing my best to take his attention away from the window where a large Air New Zealand plane was coming up to the window.

Sigh. Best laid plans often go awry. He turned his head at almost the last moment. He spotted the plane.

Frustration tantrum ensued. We had a literal stand-off. He'd wriggled himself out off my arms, and was making his way back to the window, where there was a small crowd of watchers interested in the same plane. However, I was standing in the hallway almost at the turn of the corner going away from the viewing lounge.

He had a hard decision to make. Will he leave Mummy and go into the crowd of watchers by himself?

I had a hard decision to make. Will I indulge him in this rare opportunity to see a large plane up close? Or do I stay with my first decision, to maintain the principle of Mummy Makes The Rules And Tilly Obeys?

I didn't know how long our stand-off would be. I was also concerned we may be paying more in parking fees. My heart ached for his frustration. I was so sorry he was crying. I wanted to comfort him. I wanted to take him to the window so he could see the plane up close. I was concerned about parking fees.

He stamped his foot, still crying. He was very Torn.

I held my arms open to him. He turned on the spot, in a circle, still undecided on his best course of action. I held my arms still more entreatingly, warmly, in a non-dominating way.

He reluctantly slowly stepped the distance of the hallway, towards me, still sobbing, still frustrated. I knelt down, all the better to enfold my unhappy darling in my arms.

We hugged, him and I. We hugged, and he wept into my neck and shirt. We hugged, and I comforted as best I could, knowing I was the agent for his distress. I murmured to him how happy I was he decided to choose me, how glad I was. I promised him un-timed fireworks session. I told him I'd tell Daddy how nice Tilly was when he chose to come to Mummy. I repeated all these as I held him close and patted his back and carried him downstairs to the rest of the Family.

We said our prolonged farewells to everybody.

Brief episode of Tilly's Tears in the car.

Then home, and some respite while Tilly continued his afternoon nap. I caught up on more housework.

Life got much better. As advised, when Tilly awoke from his nap, we gave him bread, all the better to make sure the plastic wasn't stuck in his throat. We played fireworks, aka Wii games.

Daddy and Tilly got the high score in WiiFit Skateboard Beginner - 159 points. It was amazing. I'm glad I was there to see it. Tilly and I clocked the Link Crossbow Training Finale 3 for the second time. Go us!

Tilly maintained his good mood during dinner. And Bath. And Bedtime Routine.

I had more chances to catch up on housework.

What I'd give to not do any housework for one day, and not have the work accumulate for the next day.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bringing up baby: summary early Jan 2013

I started writing something yesterday. But I forgot what I wrote as it wasn't saved.

So, here are some of the highlights of our lives recently.

* late Dec 2012 - 16-17 Jan 2013 vocabulary: These were the days and times Tilly tried to communicate with me using his limited vocabulary to describe his world. "Boat" "water" What do you think that means? In my world, 'boat' is the line of boats on our way home, by the off-ramp onto Ellerslie-Panmure Highway, and 'water' is Tilly's request to drink water. And boy oh boy do I want to get home by whatever means possible.

Such a hullabaloo when I took the long distance yet quick way home via the bus route.

On 16th Jan, Tilly howled and wailed most of the way home. We were heavy traffic on the motorway that day so it was an earful of 45mins. As it happened, I had finally understood what Tilly was trying to convey but unfortunately I was unable to accommodate him as there was heavy traffic blocking my way via the non-bus route.

On 17th Jan, using our new-found communication skills and vocabulary, we travelled home via the non-bus route - Tilly got the opportunity to view the Waitamata Harbour on our way home.

The next goal: what does Tilly mean when he speaks of a word sounding like "napisan" while sitting naked in the bath?

* mid Jan 2013 - some of Tilly's games are: Favourites; Breakfast; Dinner; Bye Bye Thomas, Hide Daddy.

'Favourites' is when he decrees whom can assist in his life's necessities, like cradling him as he drinks his bottle of milk.

'Breakfast' is when he makes two or more conflicting decisions about his breakfast routine. This can result is a big mess, as on 15th Jan. My hot tea was on the table. Tilly decided he wanted his water bottle. His water bottle was brought right to his hand. He then shouted, "no no!" and his hand knocked his water bottle right at my mug of hot tea. My mug of hot tea fell onto my lap and work dress, and the hot tea splashed onto some of the woollen laundry and a big mess was wet on the floor.

'Dinner' is much like Breakfast, taking place later in the day.

'Bye Bye Thomas' is much more fun with more comprehensible rules of play. This is when he (and a companion, optional) take up his Blue, and his Red, Thomas the Tank Engine DVD case/s with handles for a walk around the room or house, saying "Bye bye Thomas" and waving the DVD case/s. [I think this game developed from a similar game, where Tilly would take any handle-shaped object and wave 'bye bye'.]

'Hide Daddy' is heaps of fun. This game takes place after Bath, and is the end of the Bath routine. The rules: Tilly has to have his nappy on. Daddy knocks on the door of the bedroom, and waits to be invited in. Tilly hides from Daddy. Daddy is invited in by Mummy. Daddy asks, "Where's Tilly?" Mummy replies, "I don't know. I was looking for him." Tilly springs out at Daddy from his hiding place. Daddy reacts with Great Surprise.

* 21 Jan 2013 - Tilly was enjoying his bowl of corn tube snacks. Rory sidled up, and tried to take one. I fended Rory off, saying, "Rory, you've got to ask. You've got to wait until Tilly says 'yes'." This occurred a few times. Rory tried to distract Tilly with a giraffe, but Tilly wasn't fooled and kept both hands in his snack bowl. A teacher joined the troupe. Rory snuck another corn tube. "Rory. That was rude," I said. "You've got to ask, and wait until Tilly says 'yes'." The teacher mis-understood the situation and thought Tilly wanted to share. I corrected her assumptions. I had to leave after that, so I don't know if Tilly was able to enjoy the rest of his food in peace.

* 21 Jan 2013 bedtime - I was so tired. Tilly stayed up longer than I did. We read the "Dark Dark Tale" together, but he had to read "Peepo" by himself. Then he laid down beside me on the floor on the portable cot mattress and we slumbered. Until I awoke and moved him into his own cot.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Bringing up baby: 13 January 2013 bedtime

Overall, Tilly was incredibly cute tonight.

He kept giving me hugs after dinner, as I was cleaning up the kitchen. He waved Bye Bye to me as he left with Daddy for bath time. He said Thank You to Daddy as daddy poured water down his back (this was after Daddy said thank you to Tilly when Tilly poured water down daddy's front). At After Bath Play, Tilly decided to hide his duck, his shirt, his shorts behind his head. (It didn't work.)

The cutest event I was privileged to witness was his role play at bedtime. Teddy Bear was elevated to the status of Actor, and had the role of junior. This meant Tilly had to find a place for Teddy Bear to sit. Tilly had to select a book for Teddy Bear to read - Tickle Tickle Peter (touchy feely Peter Rabbit book).
"More? More book."
Tilly had to arrange the book so it would stay in Teddy Bear's lap to read. I was elevated to Actor, and he selected an appropriate book for me to read - There's a Wocket in my Pocket (original version). Tilly selected an appropriate book for himself to read - How Do I Feel (intended age range is 3-9mo). We three read together for a bit.

Then Tilly decided Teddy Bear needed to be in a different seat. So the Play got transferred to his red couch. Caillou, who was already on the couch, became an Actor. I was relegated to scenery. Caillou needed a book.
"Wait. More book." Caillou got a Littlies magazine, opened to a carefully selected page.
Teddy Bear needed a different book. (Tilly got Teddy Bear seated on the couch all by himself, which was quite a determined achievement of overreaching.) "Okay? Wait. More book. Wait. More book."
Horse blanket (a lightweight cloth, maybe a scarf, printed with stampeding horses) was involved in Play. Caillou and Teddy Bear needed to be satisfactorily covered by Horse blanket. Satisfied, Tilly joined them on the couch. They read a book - Tickle Tickle Peter. (They read the duck page.)  "Okay? One more book. Bedtime. One more book. Bedtime. Bedtime," he announced to his Players.
Tilly got off the couch to select one more book.
"Music," he became distracted, and picked up his tambourine.
"Tilly," I interjected, "you said one more book. Bedtime."
He looked nonplussed. What was scenery doing, talking? The Play momentarily broke.
He decided he needed to disassemble his bed for the green muslin cloth which is used as his bed sheet. I prevented him. Wailing ensued. After 30s he calmed down and carried on with his Play.
However, he is tired by this stage of the day. He lost his balance on the edge of the red couch, and fell off, banging his head on the wall. Outraged tears mingled with surprise and fright and hurt.
I comforted him, rubbing his head, apologising, and hugging him close. He calmed down enough to try to carry on with his Play.
He climbed back onto the couch, and looked distrustfully at the edge beside him. He was on the cusp of frustration again, so I assisted in his Play as best I could, taking direction from him. We read a three books: How to Catch a Star, a Shaun the Sheep story, and a touchy-feely book about animals.
"One more book, in bed," I said. And we did. This involved Giraffe, Teddy Bear2, and Horse blanket.
Tilly wanted one more book. I looked suspiciously at him, and acquiesced; it is such a hot night, delaying sleep was a good idea. We began reading about Idon'tremember. Part through, I was so tired, and hot.
"Tilly, how about we sleep down there?" I pointed at the cot mattress on the floor. "It's so hot."
He agreed.
We laid down on the mattress. It is so hot, even with the fan going. He kicked several times. His skin became sweaty.
After a while he fell asleep. So did I.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bringing up baby: Vocabulary

Tilly knows quite a lot of words, more than he uses with me.

Is that Mummy?
There's Daddy.

This way.
Carriage escort.
Snow peak.
Skull shooting.
Skype machine.

Uh oh where it go?
Baby sharing.
This way dog.

12 January 2013: Zebra crossing
Tilly practised crossing at a pedestrian crossing. I called it "zebra crossing" at first. So, Tilly insisted on crossing to find the zebras. D'oh. We had to cross back. Then cross again to look for zebras. We walked along but didn't find any zebras.

Later on, Tilly attempted another zebra hunt with Daddy.
11 January 2013: enounciation, and finger spelling It was so hot and humid last night - maybe due to the Australian fires, the South fires - I brought out the fan. It whirred loudly. It fascinated Tilly.

"Fan," I pointed it to him.
"Fam," he tried the word.
"Fan," I said,"with an 'N'. Nih"
"Fam," he tried again.
"Fan," I finger-spelled the word. "F. A. N. Nih."
"Fan." I racked my memory for an 'N' word familiar to him. "F. A. N. Like in 'No'"
"Fan," he said.

Gosh, phonics is useful at such a young age! I'm gonna look for some.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Bringing up baby: pretty

Tilly admires his handiwork. (c) ^_^ 2013

Monday, 14 January 2013

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bringing up baby: "Falling!"

One of my most cherished memories: Tilly learning the word "Falling!"

One night near the end of last year (November?) after bath-time, before nappy-time, Tilly was busy mucking around on the spare bed (inherited, king-sized). The bed has 3 plumped up pillows.

Tilly experimented with the pillows. He flops on one, and chortles "Oh no!" He flops on number two, and chortles "Oh no!" He bounces on number three, and chuckles "Oh no!". Again. And again. And again.

Let's call it five minutes of pillow-play; soundtrack: "Oh no!"

I am sympathetic to this play. What is more fun than full-body bouncing around on a soft bouncy surface?

There's just one permutation he missed out on...

"Tilly, let me show you something-"

I stack the pillows, one on top of the other. Its height equals that of Tilly.

His eyes gleam at the potential.

He throws himself onto the stack. He bounces off. "Oh no!"

"Oh no! you're falling Tilly!"

His alert hearing picks up a new word.


He bull-rushes at the stack of pillows. He bounces off. "Falling!!" Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!"  Bull-rush. Bounce. "Falling!!" 

Naked toddler. Bouncing off pillows. Yodelling "Falling!"


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Bringing up baby: Memory - dancing

One of my favourite activities with Tilly: dancing.

Most of the time Our Song is "Umbrella" covered by The Baseballs. (youtube)

He used to be much shorter than me, so I'd haul him up onto our dining room chair to get to my height, and then I'd dance around him; twirls, be-bops, half-hugs. It culminates in his big scene.

He is heaved-ho'd and swung out off the chair, then laid out on the floor (on a mat) and then quickly pulled up Whoosh! into a fling.

It was lovely to have him so eager to dance. The moment he heard the opening notes, he'd rapidly search for His Chair to dance in. Yes, kiddo, I did smirk at Christmas when your chair was appropriated for Christmas lunch, and you couldn't find it to dance in.

The last laugh was on me, as now he doesn't even try to use His Chair anymore. sigh. He's close enough to my height, where I can do twirls under his arm (if I bend down limbo style).

Anyhow, dancing with him is one of my fondest memories. Definitely makes the Bucket List.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Bringing up baby: 7 clothes named!

Tired. Again.

Still, managed to name seven of Tilly's clothes so he can wear them to daycare and have them be returned to him.

There's at least seven and seven more.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Bringing up baby: Holiday edition

I've had a splendid holiday with my family. I've done many of the things I've wanted to do for the past few weeks when summer arrived.

* Went to the zoo.
* Went to Panmure Lagoon pool - splashpad.
* Played in playgrounds whenever possible.
* Went to the beach (Mission Bay), and playground.
* Visited One Tree Hill, and playground.
* Enjoyed tea & biscuit with Tilly (31 Dec 2012).
* Enjoyed playing with Tilly.
* Had lunch just with husband. (Turns out he's Daddee too, as we both missed Tilly.)

This morning Tilly settled in very well at day care.