Thursday, 17 January 2013

Bringing up baby: 13 January 2013 bedtime

Overall, Tilly was incredibly cute tonight.

He kept giving me hugs after dinner, as I was cleaning up the kitchen. He waved Bye Bye to me as he left with Daddy for bath time. He said Thank You to Daddy as daddy poured water down his back (this was after Daddy said thank you to Tilly when Tilly poured water down daddy's front). At After Bath Play, Tilly decided to hide his duck, his shirt, his shorts behind his head. (It didn't work.)

The cutest event I was privileged to witness was his role play at bedtime. Teddy Bear was elevated to the status of Actor, and had the role of junior. This meant Tilly had to find a place for Teddy Bear to sit. Tilly had to select a book for Teddy Bear to read - Tickle Tickle Peter (touchy feely Peter Rabbit book).
"More? More book."
Tilly had to arrange the book so it would stay in Teddy Bear's lap to read. I was elevated to Actor, and he selected an appropriate book for me to read - There's a Wocket in my Pocket (original version). Tilly selected an appropriate book for himself to read - How Do I Feel (intended age range is 3-9mo). We three read together for a bit.

Then Tilly decided Teddy Bear needed to be in a different seat. So the Play got transferred to his red couch. Caillou, who was already on the couch, became an Actor. I was relegated to scenery. Caillou needed a book.
"Wait. More book." Caillou got a Littlies magazine, opened to a carefully selected page.
Teddy Bear needed a different book. (Tilly got Teddy Bear seated on the couch all by himself, which was quite a determined achievement of overreaching.) "Okay? Wait. More book. Wait. More book."
Horse blanket (a lightweight cloth, maybe a scarf, printed with stampeding horses) was involved in Play. Caillou and Teddy Bear needed to be satisfactorily covered by Horse blanket. Satisfied, Tilly joined them on the couch. They read a book - Tickle Tickle Peter. (They read the duck page.)  "Okay? One more book. Bedtime. One more book. Bedtime. Bedtime," he announced to his Players.
Tilly got off the couch to select one more book.
"Music," he became distracted, and picked up his tambourine.
"Tilly," I interjected, "you said one more book. Bedtime."
He looked nonplussed. What was scenery doing, talking? The Play momentarily broke.
He decided he needed to disassemble his bed for the green muslin cloth which is used as his bed sheet. I prevented him. Wailing ensued. After 30s he calmed down and carried on with his Play.
However, he is tired by this stage of the day. He lost his balance on the edge of the red couch, and fell off, banging his head on the wall. Outraged tears mingled with surprise and fright and hurt.
I comforted him, rubbing his head, apologising, and hugging him close. He calmed down enough to try to carry on with his Play.
He climbed back onto the couch, and looked distrustfully at the edge beside him. He was on the cusp of frustration again, so I assisted in his Play as best I could, taking direction from him. We read a three books: How to Catch a Star, a Shaun the Sheep story, and a touchy-feely book about animals.
"One more book, in bed," I said. And we did. This involved Giraffe, Teddy Bear2, and Horse blanket.
Tilly wanted one more book. I looked suspiciously at him, and acquiesced; it is such a hot night, delaying sleep was a good idea. We began reading about Idon'tremember. Part through, I was so tired, and hot.
"Tilly, how about we sleep down there?" I pointed at the cot mattress on the floor. "It's so hot."
He agreed.
We laid down on the mattress. It is so hot, even with the fan going. He kicked several times. His skin became sweaty.
After a while he fell asleep. So did I.

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