Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bringing up baby: summary early Jan 2013

I started writing something yesterday. But I forgot what I wrote as it wasn't saved.

So, here are some of the highlights of our lives recently.

* late Dec 2012 - 16-17 Jan 2013 vocabulary: These were the days and times Tilly tried to communicate with me using his limited vocabulary to describe his world. "Boat" "water" What do you think that means? In my world, 'boat' is the line of boats on our way home, by the off-ramp onto Ellerslie-Panmure Highway, and 'water' is Tilly's request to drink water. And boy oh boy do I want to get home by whatever means possible.

Such a hullabaloo when I took the long distance yet quick way home via the bus route.

On 16th Jan, Tilly howled and wailed most of the way home. We were heavy traffic on the motorway that day so it was an earful of 45mins. As it happened, I had finally understood what Tilly was trying to convey but unfortunately I was unable to accommodate him as there was heavy traffic blocking my way via the non-bus route.

On 17th Jan, using our new-found communication skills and vocabulary, we travelled home via the non-bus route - Tilly got the opportunity to view the Waitamata Harbour on our way home.

The next goal: what does Tilly mean when he speaks of a word sounding like "napisan" while sitting naked in the bath?

* mid Jan 2013 - some of Tilly's games are: Favourites; Breakfast; Dinner; Bye Bye Thomas, Hide Daddy.

'Favourites' is when he decrees whom can assist in his life's necessities, like cradling him as he drinks his bottle of milk.

'Breakfast' is when he makes two or more conflicting decisions about his breakfast routine. This can result is a big mess, as on 15th Jan. My hot tea was on the table. Tilly decided he wanted his water bottle. His water bottle was brought right to his hand. He then shouted, "no no!" and his hand knocked his water bottle right at my mug of hot tea. My mug of hot tea fell onto my lap and work dress, and the hot tea splashed onto some of the woollen laundry and a big mess was wet on the floor.

'Dinner' is much like Breakfast, taking place later in the day.

'Bye Bye Thomas' is much more fun with more comprehensible rules of play. This is when he (and a companion, optional) take up his Blue, and his Red, Thomas the Tank Engine DVD case/s with handles for a walk around the room or house, saying "Bye bye Thomas" and waving the DVD case/s. [I think this game developed from a similar game, where Tilly would take any handle-shaped object and wave 'bye bye'.]

'Hide Daddy' is heaps of fun. This game takes place after Bath, and is the end of the Bath routine. The rules: Tilly has to have his nappy on. Daddy knocks on the door of the bedroom, and waits to be invited in. Tilly hides from Daddy. Daddy is invited in by Mummy. Daddy asks, "Where's Tilly?" Mummy replies, "I don't know. I was looking for him." Tilly springs out at Daddy from his hiding place. Daddy reacts with Great Surprise.

* 21 Jan 2013 - Tilly was enjoying his bowl of corn tube snacks. Rory sidled up, and tried to take one. I fended Rory off, saying, "Rory, you've got to ask. You've got to wait until Tilly says 'yes'." This occurred a few times. Rory tried to distract Tilly with a giraffe, but Tilly wasn't fooled and kept both hands in his snack bowl. A teacher joined the troupe. Rory snuck another corn tube. "Rory. That was rude," I said. "You've got to ask, and wait until Tilly says 'yes'." The teacher mis-understood the situation and thought Tilly wanted to share. I corrected her assumptions. I had to leave after that, so I don't know if Tilly was able to enjoy the rest of his food in peace.

* 21 Jan 2013 bedtime - I was so tired. Tilly stayed up longer than I did. We read the "Dark Dark Tale" together, but he had to read "Peepo" by himself. Then he laid down beside me on the floor on the portable cot mattress and we slumbered. Until I awoke and moved him into his own cot.

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