Saturday, 28 May 2011

sent from handheld


I'm using the Opera browser developed for Nintendo DS. There are some drawbacks, including that of website design/layout (including Blogger). The best site I've seen so far is the BBC news site [I don't know how to add a link using this browser].

As a generic update: I'm a first-time parent, and I've learned quite a bit.

1. never wake a sleeping baby.
2. a baby won't sleep easily if - it is hungry; it is wet; it has wind; it is too much stimulated.
3. it is best to practice Elimination Communication [allow kid a chance to poo and pee in toilet], as it is cheaper on nappy money and laundry time.
4. allow 4x more time to complete doing stuff.
5. knitted wool garments really rock - they stretch more than cotton, so last longer in terms of fitting the kid.
6. Infacol.