Friday, 22 February 2013

Bringing up baby: 31 01 13 Stipple

31 Jan 2013 (c) Atilla 2013
Medium: paper, paint, crayon, brush

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bringing up baby: Painting Orange

12 Nov 2012 (c) Atilla 2012
Medium: paint, paper, cars

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bringing up baby: Fireworks Painting 2012

Fireworks painting 2012 (c) Atilla 2012
Medium: paper, paint, glitter, hands, brush (?)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bringing up baby: Painting Purple-Red

Nov 2012 (c) Atilla 2012
Medium: paper, paint, hands, tools.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Bringing up baby: 16 Feb 2013

This was a splendid day. Highlights:
  • Sleeping in until 7.30am, where Tilly woke early and preoccupied himself with self-inspired activities.
  • Enjoying breakfast with Tilly, where he ate both peaches from Ah Ma's garden (one of my bucket list is to have Tilly enjoy food from the garden - Ah Ma's garden counts).
  • Cleaning up after breakfast, I did the dishes and Tilly swept the floors. He used all three brooms/brushes and the floors were quite cleaned. He had some fun chasing me with the brooms. We did have an accident, for which I am responsible, when one long handle knocked the pepper mill onto the floor. He swept up the pepper dust very well.
  • We had great fun a the first nappy change. He bounced around on the bed, for a very long time. He flopped backwards onto the pillows many times. He stomped around in a circle.
  • We had yoghurt and muesli together.
  • We got to ambush Daddy when he came home from work.
  • Just before we got dressed for Chinese New Year lunch, we played Chased By Crocodile Stick. Tilly pursued Mummy and Daddy around the parental bedroom, aiming the crocodile stick at us. We perforced escaped into the closet, and onto the bed, and ran around the curtains.
  • Tilly watched Daddy shave.
  • We had a replete Family buffet banquet at Eight. Small portions, and plenty of them, and so well cooked !!!! Kiwi lamington yummy!
  • Nap for 3hrs.
  • Watching The Living Earth - Jungle.
  • Watching Tilly repeat his stomping-flopping routine for Daddy, after bath.
  • Flossing Tilly's teeth. I got 4 this time.
  • Reading to Tilly.
  • Tilly reading to himself for the duration of Brahm's Lullaby.
  • Turning off the light, and receiving a request to sing.
  • Tilly falling quietly asleep.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Bringing up baby: 11-13 Feb 2013

Tilly was ill. Vomited 7 times in 24 hours. But he was cheerful for all that, and his usual energetic self.

I cared for him today. It was fun. We slept in, he woke up, had his milk with Daddy, and vomited. They cleaned up, we had breakfast, Tilly vomited, we cleaned up, and took Daddy to work, visited the doctor who was very reassuring. We visited our town centre and the fountain, and pursued some idle pigeons. We dropped our winter duvet at the dry cleaners'. We picked up Tilly's Paedolyte from the pharmacy, bought the first hot cross buns of the season. Revisited the fountain, and Tilly didn't want to share the experience so we went exploring.

We walked a circuit around the Memorial Hall, and returned to our car. I took us to One Tree Hill playground with its stellar train.

We mucked about, uncaring of how long we took. Apart from our experience with the train - I may repeat the experience with Tilly when he's considerably older and less likely to take his time appreciating a new object.

He swung, he ate, he drank, he swung. He climbed the steps up the slide, levered himself to the top, and slid down -- all by himself! No Mummy-boost required or requested.

He explored a bit, finding the Dog Poo receptacle quite amusing.

He took his time, and I enjoyed watching him and playing with him.

He fell asleep in the car, and continued to nap at home.

I napped with him.

When we woke up, we played some more. He was amenable to waiting for Daddy's verdict on whether he could watch the Dinosaur DVD again. He was very good at waiting. In the meantime, we emptied out his extant toy box. We hooped. We spun his top. We opened up Teresa's gift to him - the Animal calendar he was so fascinated by in 2012. We read the calendar many times. I drew the animals many times for Tilly. He played with a toy fan. I drew him playing with the toy fan. We played the keyboard. We played Chase, with his crocodile snappy toy: he pursues me around the living room and dining room, threatening me with the crocodile, while I do my humble best to escape by running, crawling, and dodging.

12 Feb 2013

One of Tilly's games: Bye bye. I may have mentioned it before. This afternoon, I realise his After Bath game of Bye Bye is a rehearsal for his True Bye Bye game, wherein he sits in the driving seat of the car and pretends to drive. Hence the three pillows requirement. One for the back of the seat, one for the steering wheel, one for the dashboard.

13 February 2013

Today Tilly got the chance to play in the puddle remaining after the rain. I had the chance to observe him playing with one of his friends, Nell. They had so much fun exploring the world when it was wet. Tilly slid down the slide, which was unexpectedly slippery and fast. He was surprised at the speed, and thumped onto the wooden patio. He sat there. He chortled. Then he went back for several more rounds.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bringing up baby: Tidy Tilly Takes Charge

Tidy Tilly Takes Charge (c) ^_^ 2013
I find it very charming that Tilly likes to take his turn at tidying up. Parental units bring out the broom to do the initial sweep, and Tilly barrels for the small dustpan and brush to take his turn at tidying up.

He brushes it into the dustpan, and then he takes the dustpan to the kitchen bin, and empties it into the bin.

I am charmed.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Bringing up baby: Ah Ee quote 23 Jan 2013

He shared a piece of sugar cane with me last Fri. Mum gave him a little container with a handful of small pieces. He picked up one for him and held it in one hand as he grabbed another piece which he gave to me so we could have at the same time. 

Monday, 11 February 2013

Bringing up baby: painting 22 Jan 2013

22 Jan 2013 (c) Atilla 2013
Medium: hands, paint, paper.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Bringing up baby: drawing 16 Jan 2013

drawing 16 Jan 2013 (c) Atilla 2013
Medium: crayon, paper.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bringing up baby: Waitangi Day 2013

We had such a great day.

Tilly awoke early, and endeared himself poking sleepy Mummy in the eye, investigating the band-aid plaster on her hand, general wriggling about. Daddy got left alone to slumber unmolested.

Daddy eventually woke up and looked after Tilly for an hour. During that hour, Tilly had two helpings of Weetbix cake.

Mummy woke up, and prepped dinner (which, in the end, Daddy rescued at the end of the day). And then we decided we would have a picnic lunch at Western Springs.

Western Springs was right full out of car park spaces, so we moved on to the Auckland Domain. This was a great idea.

After picnic lunch, we visited the pond and the Winter Gardens where Tilly had a high old time testing out his knowledge of parks. Thanks to his newly acquired knowledge via his one of his current favourite books - "Peepo" [Allan Ahlberg reads his book] - Tilly  knows parks contain ponds, and ponds contain fishes.

So, we spend time hunting for ponds, and in the ponds for fishes. And actually, he was right. Where we found ponds, we found fishes. I reminded Tilly that he couldn't touch the fishes.

We enjoyed the Fernery, twice.

Tilly had a mini picnic by our car.

We returned home. We mucked about, Tilly and I, while Daddy had his Quiet Time. We played Wii: Link's Crossbow Training, Wii Fit2, Wii Sports (not necessarily in that order - imperfect memory an' all). We watched some of BBC & David Attenborough's "The Living Planet". Tilly fell asleep in my arms.

Other things happenned - Daddy rescued dinner, Tilly woke up, our evening routine ran an hour later than preferred but everybody was happy.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Bringing up baby: More games 1 Feb 2013

More games I've discovered Tilly likes to play.

* Nappy. This involves Tilly having a wonderful time wriggling and wrestling with the person changing his nappy. This game is played mainly with Mummy or Daddy, or person equally tolerant. Bonus points if Nappy team consists of Tilly vs 2 Adults -- the bonus points are for Tilly, natch.