Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bringing up baby: Waitangi Day 2013

We had such a great day.

Tilly awoke early, and endeared himself poking sleepy Mummy in the eye, investigating the band-aid plaster on her hand, general wriggling about. Daddy got left alone to slumber unmolested.

Daddy eventually woke up and looked after Tilly for an hour. During that hour, Tilly had two helpings of Weetbix cake.

Mummy woke up, and prepped dinner (which, in the end, Daddy rescued at the end of the day). And then we decided we would have a picnic lunch at Western Springs.

Western Springs was right full out of car park spaces, so we moved on to the Auckland Domain. This was a great idea.

After picnic lunch, we visited the pond and the Winter Gardens where Tilly had a high old time testing out his knowledge of parks. Thanks to his newly acquired knowledge via his one of his current favourite books - "Peepo" [Allan Ahlberg reads his book] - Tilly  knows parks contain ponds, and ponds contain fishes.

So, we spend time hunting for ponds, and in the ponds for fishes. And actually, he was right. Where we found ponds, we found fishes. I reminded Tilly that he couldn't touch the fishes.

We enjoyed the Fernery, twice.

Tilly had a mini picnic by our car.

We returned home. We mucked about, Tilly and I, while Daddy had his Quiet Time. We played Wii: Link's Crossbow Training, Wii Fit2, Wii Sports (not necessarily in that order - imperfect memory an' all). We watched some of BBC & David Attenborough's "The Living Planet". Tilly fell asleep in my arms.

Other things happenned - Daddy rescued dinner, Tilly woke up, our evening routine ran an hour later than preferred but everybody was happy.

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