Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Bringing up baby: 28 October 2012

A good day.

Atilla woke up early in our bed, tried to go back to sleep. He tossed and turned. Eventually Dadee arose to supervise him.

Yay me!

  • Sleeping in.
  • Tea.
  • Dancing with Atilla again.
  • Atilla's good mood.
  • A good grocery shopping trip.
  • Atilla's nap.
  • Bubbles in the garden.
  • Picnic lunch in the garden, thanks to Dadee's organisational skills.
  • Atilla walking 95% of the way to playground.
  • Me and Atilla in the playground, on the playground swing for a very very very long time. An hour in total, maybe.
  • patting Felix the dog.
  • Tidying up the garden. Hate the insidious mothplants from neighbours. And the bamboo. If there was anything about our property which would make me leave, it's those. Plus if the neighbours weren't nice. Which they all currently are.
  • Tea.
  • Experiencing the moment of having Atilla on my lap, clutching Giraffe, and watching Thomas the Tank Engine. Not multi-tasking at all. Atilla willingly saying, "Bye bye train" and going to dinner. 
  • Lamb dinner by Dadee.
  • Tomorrow's lunch by Dadee.
  • Sleeping Atilla.
  • Weekly housework all done.

Now quite tired.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bringing up baby: Farm Day 27 October 2012

  • Farm petting zoo. Up close and personal. Goats. Kids. Calf. Sheep. Lambs. Rabbits.
  • Atilla's first pony ride!
  • Atilla buying from Second-hand book stall.
  • Atilla's first candy floss! On a stick, naturally.
  • Atilla rolling down a hillock with Aunty! Chortling all the way.
Today was a big hit. It went so well most of the time.

It started early. 6.45 am or so. Atilla was waiting patiently outside the loo for me. This was a delightful improvement from his previous wailing behaviour of last week and every other previous weeks.

He helped me get dressed, and we accommodated each other to go downstairs. He held his special blue book, his water bottle and I was tasked with carrying his giraffe and himself. I adored him. I bau-bau'd him downstairs, though I would normally make him walk it.

A nice quiet session with his morning milk bottle in the rocking chair. Then Change Nappy time succeeded easily enough. Then a massive multi-tasking episode where I supervised Atilla while preparing our grapefruit breakfast.

This started off well. He occupied himself by observing the grapefruit cleaving, and de-seeding, and became bored at the segmenting. He then rode his trike, but this paled when he had no audience.

He decided he wanted another book from his upstairs collection, so he independently made his way. He dropped something down the stairs, so I went to investigate. This co-opted me into his morning activity. I counter-proposed.

I mentioned to him that perhaps he could draw in his book, or play with Giraffe. This sparked his brain wave, and he began incorporating Giraffe into his triking. Giraffe fell off a couple times and then was relegated to the sofa.

Other things happened which were sweet to overhear - e.g."lost" in a high-pitched interrogative accent. He came into the kitchen to inform me Giraffe was lost. He went out.

We sat down to grapefruit. It was a very good grapefruit. So good that, instead of sticking with the juice as he normally does, Atilla had 3/4 of the flesh and 7/8 of the juice.

As usual, I made tea for Dadee and I, and Atilla and I delivered it to Dadee.

Well now. The household is out of bread. What can we have for breakfast?

Fresh made Anzac biscuits? Pancakes? Which would be quick and easy, toddler-wise?

Edmonds' recipe for Fruit Loaf.

This was a suitable choice. Atilla put the 1C sultanas into the bowl, and was pre-occupied by eating the remaining sultanas from the 1/4C measuring cup he had appropriated from the cupboard.

Once he finished that, he accepted prune, and dried berry mix. This allowed sufficient time for the baking project to get to the 1T golden syrup phase, and a backlog of syrupy spoons to lick clean.

There was a tussle of chef-dom when the 2C standard flour and 11/2t baking powder needed sifting. I claimed rank, though relented to have him help sift the last portion.

He held onto the wooden rice paddle (I like to use this instead of regular mixing spoons) so we had a tussle over the next bit of the recipe instruction: Mix quickly.

We shared joint honours. Atilla was partially distracted by the syrupy spoon he had in his other hand :)

He complained at not participating in the Put mixture into greased 22cm loaf tin.

I did my ritual of putting the baking in the oven and sending a wish that all goes well.

Atilla was still spoon-licking, so I did the washing up. Half-way through, he brought me his spoon.

He signed "thank you" at me, and I replied back.

This could be when he began reading his books.

Dadee joined us shortly. We were all very happy.

The fruit loaf was a success. We could have had porridge for breakfast in 30min or less, if I'd been quicker on the uptake in locating possible food.

A tantrum occurred when Dadee said "no" to screen time.

Patience, tolerance, a kind touch, and Mumee milk assuaged and comforted his self-induced sad feeling.

He was trying to calm down himself, but the slightest thing would set him off again. A kind touch, or loving words.

Anyhow, I was very proud that Atilla was calming himself down.

Old Macdonald's Farm at the Stonefields School and Rotary Club fair.

This was splendid. Animals who have high tolerance for being petted and poked and surrounded.

Dogs, rabbit from Animates. Goat, sheep, lambs, kids, rabbits, calf from Old Macdonald's Farm. We stayed here a while as Atilla was suspicious and didn't want to associate with them. He did become enthusiastic, wandering Brownian-like and pointing and touching the animals of interest. Despite his appreciation of Cow in the abstract, the calf was often ignored.

Lamb, sheep, goat, rabbit were his popular choices.

Atilla has been enthusiastic about horses for about a month now. The Rocking Horse encounter at the hospital was particularly thrilling. So we put him on the Pony Ride. Aunty prepared him very well for his turn. He performed very well on his go. So after waiting in line 10 minutes, and a 1-minute ride, his First Pony Ride was concluded.

The Second Hand book stall was a hit with this family. Atilla took to book selection like a pro. He's had heaps of practice at day care.
I had candy floss onna stick! I shared it with Atilla. He ignored Dadee's snack in favour of the floss. (sigh. Now I am reminded I shoulda flossed his teeth regardless of brushing.) 
Aunty taught Atilla to roll down a slope! They had so much fun. Atilla really goes wild at this.
I fell asleep while Atilla watched Thomas the Tank Engine, and Dadee cooked dinner.
Atilla ate dinner very well. Mostly by himself, and mostly all his food.
As a delaying tactic for Bath time, Atilla convinced me to dance with him to the music of The Baseballs.

We created a new game for us.

He sits on the chair temporarily placed by the patio door. I take his hands and twist about, like dancing at slow speed. Then I'd let go of his hand and twirl under the hand I am holding on to.

His contribution: he launches himself at me, I catch him, and gently place him on the floor on his back, he lies on the floor and wriggles across the floor by kicking his feet. Sorta like the school dance scene in Grease, but more innocent.

Our next movement: he places his feet on my knees, I'm leaning down and holding his hands which are upstretched. In time to the beat, 3 beats in, I yank him upright and he is momentarily weightless as he springs onto his feet.

At some point he voluntarily goes to his bath. More or less.
The remainder of the evening went very well too. Bath, dressing, bedtime routine (exception of brush teeth). 

He read a couple of books to me. He sits companionably beside me, he puts Green Eggs and Ham onto his lap. He turns the pages, and announces the salient point of each page.

Thank you.

He's finished the book. Onto his new lift-the-flap touchy-feely book.

He went quietly to bed. At lights out, he says, "good night Dadee" to me again. I lie down beside him to keep him company as he tries to settle himself to sleep.
I'm sleepy. Good night.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Bucket List

It's very easy for me to just live the day to day. And feel like I haven't achieved anything important to me. Herewith is my Bucket list, haphazardly noted down.

By myself:
  • Knit one or two woollen vests for my sister's kids-to-be.
  • In 2012, have at least 100 blog entries to show to interested parties.
  • Knit leg/arm warmers for Atilla, a la Hugalugs.
  • Have a Gingkoba tree.
  • Have a fruiting olive tree.
  • Have a fruiting lemon tree.
  • Have lavender flowering around my home.
With my husband:
  • Live an enjoyable life.
  • Love him.
With Atilla,
  • Encourage Atilla to remember the important people in his life.
  • Have a birthday celebration for him with his friends around him. (2012)
  • Show him real live animals.
  • Dance with him. 

Friday, 26 October 2012

Bringing up baby: 23 October 2012

Highlights and memories.
  • We had a lovely breakfast. Everyone was happy. Atilla rode his trike bike, and Crashed into Dadee, and Mumee.
  • Reading the Dolphin and Whale book at daycare with Atilla. Reading the Habitat book with him.
  • He allowed me to depart without protest.
  • His thorough enjoyment of my fried udon noodle dinner.
  • My enjoyment of Dadee's miso chicken katsu. I must go back there soon. By myself. For an early lunch without lunch rush.
  • At bedtime, lights out. Addressed to me. "Good night Dadee." (I was so touched. It's the first time Atilla has farewelled me. Typically he detaches by ignoring me, and then I leave.)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bringing up baby: ? - 22 October 2012

I've been very tired lately. Too tired to remember the happenings of the day.

I think this was the week Atilla was teething. His irritability and overall change-ability pissed us all off.

Midnight awakenings, co-sleeping, kicks to our head. On top of tendency to cry at first sign of frustration which set my mood on edge.

I first noticed his canines on Sunday. Right fangs they are.

This Labour Weekend was good.

Highlights and milestones:

  • Making Carrot mini cupcakes and Texas muffins successfully. 
  • Having fun with Atilla - Sunday morning, from 6.45-ish to 8-ish. Atilla reading, riding his trike, playing 'Hat', dancing with me, dancing to my singing, drawing, playing by himself, playing 'Gravity', screaming competiton with me (in a friendly way). No screen-time until just before Skyping. 
  • Drawing with Atilla. Cats, horses, dogs. Rainbow. 
  • Atilla's recent passion for reading through his library of books at anytime of the day. 
  • Atilla's canines.
  • Buffet lunch with whole family. Seconds, and thirds. And best of all, someone else cleaning up Atilla's dining radius.
  • His delight in being naked after his bath (every night, and I delight in it). 
  • Atilla's heroic dump, and Dadee saving the night.
  • Atilla voluntarily brushing his teeth. 
  • Atilla going to sleep without co-sleeping; snuggled beside his giraffe, teddy bear, water bottle, holding a specially selected book. Rocking horse may be involved. His special blanket certainly was (to be honest, he doesn't care which blanket - he has two in his bed). 
  • Grooming Fairy regrettably trimmed off more curls.
doodle cats 22 Oct 2012 (c) Atilla & co 2012.
  • In the morning we were preparing our expedition for grocery shopping. Atilla was being strong-minded and whiny, with occasional flashes of rationality. This was one of them. He wanted to read his Lift-the-flap Spot book. I told him he could read it after shopping. Dadee said he could read it after shopping. Atilla hid in his secret hiding place (a small gap by the glass patio door and a temporarily placed dining chair with one level of cardboard box. He couldn't see us, as his head was level with the seat of the dining chair. We could see his legs. He sat there with his book open on his lap, reading aloud. When he finished reading, he emerged to a vanished audience (we took the quiet opportunity to neaten up the house and other sundry small things which needed doing, which is normally done at the Put Atilla In Carseat phase of the departure process). 
  • Assisting Atilla draw a tail on doodle cats. He moved the pencil, I directed the movement. 
  • Learning NZSL for - fart (to differentiate from 'poop'), piss (to differentiate from 'poop, 'fart'). By the evening, he took great joy in verbalising and signing 'fart'. 
  • Bubbles in the garden.
  • Working in the garden to get rid of the gawdawful mothplants. Why the insane Hades does anyone voluntarily keep them on their property?
  • Ditto bamboo.
  • Dadee apologising to Atilla with an offering of cheese; Atilla reciprocating with the offer of reading a book. (Atilla had been very strong-minded all day, and all weekend, and Dadee had been the target of the strong-mindedness. By this point Atilla was putting himself in danger zone and ignoring Dadee.)

The other odd happening today.

It started last night, when he woke up crying and decided to bring giraffe to our bed for co-sleeping. He kicked my head several times, and I was rough (I was asleep several times before being kicked awake each time). Dadee mediated and soothed Atilla.

Atilla woke around 6.50am or so, his typical time. (On work days, he can sleep to after 7am.) After a whole-hearted attempt to stay asleep, he sat up in bed. He mucked about for a bit for many several minutes, in which I provided some assistance - such as lifting him onto the bed.

I heard him pitter patter in and out; I heard the rolling of the small trolley which I had left outside on the landing.

At some stage between lifting and dozing, I truly slept.

Next thing I know, Atilla shouts, and I wake in auto-mum mode. "What's the matter, Atilla?" the words reflexively emerge from my stupor.

Blearily I note there has been the addition of two books, a spinning top, his rocking horse, and his woollen blanket in our room. When did those happen?

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Bringing up baby: art 17 Oct 2012

art 17 Oct 2012 (c) Atilla 2012
Medium: paper, paint, hands.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Atilla's cut: Retelling The Wizard of Oz (1937)

Scene 1. Horse. 

Once there was a horse, of many colours. It lived in the Emerald City of Oz.

Scene 2. Horse changing colour.
Scene 3. Winged monkey with side-kick.

A monkey with wings, dressed in clothes, had a side-kick who was a green woman dressed in black. 

Scene 4. Lion singing and waving.

A lion with a perm and a red ribbon in his mane sang a song, with expansive arm waving.

Scene 5. Plucky dog saves the day.
The plucky little black dog saves the day, by pulling back the curtains and showing his four side-kicks (a wussy girl, a floppy man, a metal man, the lion with a perm) there was nothing to be afraid of. 

1937 The Wizard of Oz (Google Images)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bringing up baby: 15 October 2012

bed diagram 15 Oct 2012 (c) ^_^ 2012
It was a lovely morning.

Atilla shared some of his favourite activities at day care with me this morning. First we did some climbing on the big kids' playground. Then we went indoors. Jigsaw, baby area, music box.

I had to leave eventually.


This afternoon when I picked him up, he was happily playing with everybody. They were outside in the little kids' play area, hiding in the wooden climbing box, climbing on the climbing box.

Atilla was hiding. A little baby girl was chortling as she reached through the gaps of the box to say hello to Atilla. He was having much fun hiding from her too.

At bedtime, Atilla developed his sleep routine further. It started on Sunday 7th October. He insisted his giraffe be in bed with him.

Subsequently he began to have additions.

Teddy bear.
Rocking horse.
Woollen blanket.

Tonight he wanted additional companions: hand-me-down cat; kakapo bird from mum; special book made by Aunty; new book from Aunty and Uncle.

I'm not sure anything else will fit beside him.


{After he fell asleep, I moved cat and kakapo to his bedside table, to make room for his water bottle. 

I took his new book from his face and placed it back in the book area. 

I put rocking horse back in the jigsaw.

I shifted his special book further down his bed closer to the foot of the bed so he wouldn't hurt himself if he tossed and turned during the night.}

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bringing up baby: 11 October 2012 briefly

Atilla playing gloriously on the big kids' playground at day care. 

He climbed the rope ladder to the top of the climbing block, walked the wooden plank to the other climbing block, and slid down the slide.

Wow! what a great big grin on his face.

He clambered on top of the wooden plank, walked the wooden plank to the climbing block, and slid down the slide.

Man, this is a great activity! still a big grin on his face.

He clambered on top of the wooden plank, walked the wooden plank to the climbing block, and slid down the slide.

Dude! I could do this forever.

He clambered on top of the wooden plank, walked the wooden plank...hey, what's that?

A climbing wall?!

Mum! I could totally do that.

Climbing up the climbing wall with a little help from Mum. Now at the top of the first climbing block.  

How will I get down. 

"bau bau" raised arms.

"Okay babe, down you come. Let me help you."

Dude! this is fun. Again!

Climb wall, mum help, "bau bau" raised arms.

"Okay last time."

His favourite sounds:
"Mano", as in "Mano Mano Mano-"
"bottle", as in "bottle bottle bottle-"

Will I miss them when they're gone?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Bringing up baby: 10 October 2012

daycare play (c) ^_^ 2012

  • Watching Atilla play with Peter at day care; Atilla walking in front, Peter behind with his hands on Atilla's shoulders, both laughing with joy.
  • Playing with Atilla at the playground, he and I.
  • Solving Dadee's and my problem of buying a kindle book via Amazon for Cousin Qwerty.
  • An early night.

I dearly love Atilla. But. When he cries inconsolably because I can't or won't indulge in his vagaries, it pierces deep into my aching bundle of second-guessing mass. Oh sweetheart, I want to help. But I can't. I need to drive carefully so we don't crash.

My love, I don't know how I can help you. You have to tell me what you want.

Each shriek wrings through my maternal soul, and I become frustrated with Atilla being so closed off to listen to me.

Then comes bedtime. He falls asleep.

He is clean, fresh-smelling. He's cuddle-warm tucked up in his own bed, with his wool blanket tenderly pulled to his chest. His hands are out-flung, as he's always preferred it since he was born. Teddy is beside him, protecting his hands and feet from entanglement with the open wooden rails of his cot-bed.

He barely stirs as I deploy the Grooming Fairy. 

Monday, 15 October 2012

Bringing up baby: 9 October 2012

I finished work early today.

I had the privilege of watching Atilla interacting at day care normally. I was charmed.

He was in the baby area, playing with the babies. The babies were on their mats, with mobiles dangling over them. Atilla was on his back, lying beside the babies. He reached up and batted the mobiles, looked at the baby on his right, and laughed with her.

There were other babies at varying stages of crawling and upstanding, and he was playing very well in the group.


After picking up Dadee, we agreed to go to a playground on our way home. We decided on Michael Park Reserve. Atilla got to hog the swings - all of three seats! I did help.

We climbed, we crawled, we rolled. Atilla faced and completed several new physical challenges: the metal rungs on the different ladders; the two types of covered slides; the wobbly wooden bridge; the two metal slides; the flying fox (not so much completed, as "look ma! No hands!" via Dadee); the metal steps to the little kids' slide; the metal not-quite ladder nor tube.

At the top of the steep Big Big kids' metal slide, Atilla's eyes gleamed ever brighter. He spotted the metal rungs of the adults' fitness trail. Neither Mum nor Dadee were persuaded to jump the wooden fence to demonstrate to Atilla.

I convinced Atilla to exit the playground, as I was cold - one layer of shirt, vs Dadee's shirt & vest, vs Atilla's thermal underwear & shirt & vest. We got out.

Atilla consequently toddled to the entrance again, pursued by Dadee.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Bringing up baby: life lessons

  • Greet the ones you love with a smile.
  • Play every day.
  • When you're happy, tell the ones you love.
  • Challenge yourself every day.
  • When you're happy, clap your hands.
  • Applaud yourself when you:
    • have tried something new;
    • have completed something challenging;
    • have eliminated a shitload of constipation.
  • Smile.
  • Make a mess.
  • Cleanliness can wait.
  • Washing dishes by hand means you get to play with bubbles!
  • Brushing teeth means you get bubbles in your mouth!
  • When life gets too tough, take a time-out.
  • The floor is a perfectly acceptable place to lie down and wait for things to get better.
  • Tears and crying is an acceptable way of releasing frustration and stress.
  • Keep moving.
  • Rules are created for safer living.
  • Say, "Thank you" and it will cheer up some one's day.
  • It's acceptable to share; it's acceptable to be possessive.
  • Life is too short; children grow so quickly.
  • Sleep close to the ones you love.
  • Super mummy makes things better.
  • Super daddy makes mummy better.
  • Love life.
An incomplete list of what I've learned from being Atilla's mother.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bringing up baby: 7th October 2012

"hat" (c) ^_^ 2012

Yay! Sleep-in day!

Which is to say, quality time for Dadee and Atilla. Oh, how Atilla was so pleased when Dadee was the one who got out of bed! I could hear it in his voice. "Dadee! Dadee!"

Dadee does Dadee things. He's much more flexible than Mummy. Nappy-change time is, like, whenever. Breakfast is, like, whatever - muesli, or Weetbix(tm) - with a lot of milk. Then it's playtime - make mess time. WiiFit, books, movie about "ors" x3.

We had to take him into the sunlight, to counteract all that screen time.

Playground, and a good time was had by all. Atilla clambered everywhere, and even attempted the rope-log bridge. 

New rule: You must be at least 3 and a half years old to cross that bridge by yourself.

The new activity he attempted, and achieved with support from Dadee and Mummy, was the rope-wall which was an access way to the blue wavy slide. The Big Kids area. Woah. This was when he attempted the rope-log bridge. 

After dinner, we had fresh New Zealand strawberries for dessert. Or hat.

Atilla enjoyed dinner so much, he occasionally bit himself - and cried. He had to keep eating though, and get over the pain. Brave boy.

Tonight he brushed his teeth very thoroughly for a very long time. Much longer than the advised 2 minutes. He also allowed me to floss his teeth. I'm so glad I could help him.


I did some baking! Weetbix muffin-sized cupcakes & mini-cupcakes.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bringing up baby: Daylight Savings edition

Eyes wide shut (c) -_- 2012

I hate Daylight Savings. I hate how the last Labour government changed the timing of it. Now I still get up in the dark on week days - unless I oversleep.

This week was bearable, as far as Atilla's co-operation in the mornings. He did sleep in, but I don't blame him. I would too.

Crash-time was today: Saturday 6th October.

I was so bleary. Atilla had night terror again, so he came to our bed.  I had night terror he might fall out of bed (he was on the outside edge) so I didn't sleep very well after that, as I was half awake to ensure I had a hold on him at all times.

I was so bleary. Atilla woke up suddenly, as he always does once he'd had a good sleep. He started his usual routine of sounding out who was awake, "pooop."

Like I said, I was so bleary. I responded with a moan, "uhnnh."

Having startled his prey, Atilla went to close the deal. Can't remember how he did it. I was convinced. I opened my eyes. I don't know what I saw. I closed my eyes again. I had a mild headache too. But I was sitting up, so it meant I was looking after Atilla.

I whined at Atilla to give me some time to wake up.

I slid out of bed and sat on the floor. I heard him pit-patter out the room, rattle the child-safety gate, and come back in. He placed something in my hand. I fumbled at it, before figuring it was his vest. What a good boy! I fumbled some more, and prepared it for him to wear.

I held the neck bit wide open, and he placed his head under it. Wow. He really likes his vest. Still with my eyes shut, we arranged his arms through the vest.

I whined some more, trying to buy more time to be asleep. I groped for my socks. Atilla placed something soft and woolly in my hands. What a nice boy! He found my slippers! I praised him, and asked for help with my socks. He handed me my socks - a matching pair! (good judgement, as I have plenty of socks lying unmatched) - one at a time. Dude!

Unasked, he next handed me a discarded top I'd forgotten I'd meant to toss into the laundry basket. I thanked him, and wore the top. (Only wore it for half a day; must still be on the fresh side.)

I really felt his love for me. I wanted to reciprocate. I didn't know how. I was so bleary. My eyes were still shut.

I asked him to lead me out of the room, and held out my hand. He took my hand gently - as he does when he holds my hand - and leads me out the room, to the landing, and the gate. At the top of the stairs, he made his own way down via bum stepping. I did too.

He gently took my hand, and guided me around the tricky bit of the stairs at the bottom. He led me down the hallway, and into the kitchen. At which point he found something more interesting to him - "bowl" - and left me standing in the middle of the kitchen. Nice.

My eyes were still shut. I groped my way around the open-plan rooms to put down his water bottle I was carrying.

I was still determined to be asleep. I'm pretty sure I had to give that up at some stage before too long. Not sure which stage. By the time we did "milk" at least, as I had to visually measure the milk.

Well, we had a good morning.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Bringing up baby: bird art 10 September 2012

bird Sept 2012 (c) Atilla 2012
Medium: paint, paper, hands (?)

I stuck this on the door. Then I realised the glue would stick. It's stuck to the door. Consider it a modern fresco.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Bringing up baby: art 7 August 2012

cone drawing Aug 2012 (c) Atilla 2012
Medium: paint, cone, paper.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Bringing up baby: art 28 June 2012

stipple June 2012 (c) Atilla 2012
 Medium: paint, paper, brush (?)

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bringing up baby: 2 October 2012

  • Co-sleeping, and snuggling up to a warm soft sleeping baby.
  • Breakfast with Atilla.
  • Playing with Atilla before going out.
  • Interacting with Atilla at day care before I had to leave.
  • Arriving at day care, and observing Atilla read a book by himself. "Goat" "owl" (inaudible) "ani-oul"
  • Allowing Atilla time in the big kids playground to play. I love watching him play. He climbed, he used my assistance to get down, he explored the box area, he climbed...
  • Atilla chatting in the back seat as I drove home.
  • Atilla going to sleep with Giraffe. I miss cuddling him to sleep.

Bringing up baby: 1 October 2012

He really enjoyed my udon noodle soup.

I was very charmed to see his evident pleasure - he didn't drop any on the floor!

He did fling pork katsu :/ what a waste.

Atilla gobbled up each piece of abbreviated noodle in front of him. I couldn't do it fast enough. I asked Daddy to take over while I had my dinner.

Atilla chortled as he sipped the soup from the over large spoon. He kept asking for "more? More?"

His eyes were shining bright. His grin so pleased. A visual delight.
art 1 Oct 12 (c) Atilla 2012
Medium: hands, paint, paper.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Bringing up baby: Senescence

Floating balloon

Atilla just experienced a very upsetting thing in his life. He's learning about senescence.

His floating balloon no longer floats.

Aunty visited on Sunday, gifting a balloon! And incidentally the stuffed giraffe tied to the end of it. Oh, Atilla had so much fun catching the balloon and releasing it to float to the roof of the house. Once it floated up the stairs!

By the evening it was hovering mid-air.

By the next morning the balloon had stopped floating, and was reducing in size. Atilla was very upset. Why couldn't he have the same fun he had before? Why was it that, even when the string was tied to the giraffe as it was before, the balloon still won't float?

Mummy fix it!

Sadly, I had to explain the facts of life. Sorry Atilla, the balloon is getting old. It's too tired to float.

He refused to accept the explanation.

Daddy fix it!

Giraffe tickle Atilla! Tickle tickle!
Senescencing balloon

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Bringing up baby: 29 Sept 2012

Today was a good day.

Atilla let us sleep in again. When I arrived in the kitchen with him, it was 7.30am.

He was fairly whiny, and snuffly. He had amazing snot all day. I had to be quick with the hanky to catch 'em. Not always successful, but he looked clean enough afterwards after each sneeze. He also relapsed into coughing again.

Highlights from today, in no particular order:
Atilla accepting that 'horse' happens after breakfast, and that he has to occupy himself with other things while mum gets breakfast together. He read the Mog the Forgetful Cat book. It was so sweet to hear him point out the highlights. Dog. Cat. Egg. Tea.

His overnight MCN without booster was fairly heavy, and not soaking. Bonus: one less disposable to buy!

He had a prune at breakfast. I try to give him one each breakfast, but he doesn't always favour it. Today he did.

Cafe Drawing 1
Second breakfast at a cafe, complete with cinnamon fluffy for Atilla. We retrieved a cafe jigsaw and activity book to occupy him. He preferred to sit on my lap and make requests for me to draw "cat" "flower" "apple" "man" "moon" "fish". 

At Sylvia Park, he sought out the black horse - logo of The National Bank. I'll indulge him in this for as long as the logo exists. It will be phased out over the next two years.

DVD and cd shopping at The Warehouse, complete with Atilla pushing the kiddie trolley. He wasn't so good at steering this lightweight size, and tended to careen and crash. Sometimes he became tired and wanted to take a break by sitting in the trolley. Luckily he can fit in there. Just. He is growing so tall!
    Atilla is very good at shopping. He pushes the trolley down the aisle, perusing the shelves. When he sees something which attracts his attention - red stripey beans on a seed package - he methodically denuded the shelf into his trolley. After the fact, I'm sure he was playing 'Shopping'. At the time I firmly said to him 'we weren't buying that' and put the items away when he had his back turned. We repeated this for a few items, such as for Bruno Mars yellow album, and Poltergeist DVD.
    I did get some mustard seed, on the principle every kid ought to know something about agriculture. Later, we occupied ourselves seeding some dampened cotton wool, while Daddy made dinner.
    We each got some DVDs we wanted, and some we will share. Me, I'm happy with the deluxe edition of The Princess Bride, and Blazing Saddles. Atilla got more Thomas the Tank Engine - Daddy stipulated it must have more than 7 episodes per disc and longer than 56 min running time. I'm sharing Shaun the Sheep with Atilla. Daddy is sharing live action Scooby Doo with Atilla.

I didn't find the whisking utensil I wanted, but we did get a milk frother. We can give Atilla fluffies at home! We tried it later. He wasn't so keen now it was a home-thing.

I limited Atilla's tv screen-time, and was backed up by Daddy. We played as a family instead. Balloon games - hit the balloon with a rolled-up paper, throw the balloon and kick it. Triking games - Atilla rids his 'bike', invites Mummy to sit in front of him, Mummy sits behind him where there is room, Mummy falls off and rolls around in agony on the floor as I'd got a sudden cramp in both my thigh joints trying to accommodate myself on the trike, Atilla laughs and joins in falling off and rolling around yelling. Later, another triking game is Crash - Atilla rides his trike forcefully at the couch and crashes, he turns the trike around and rides the opposite way to crash into the other side (into large boxes, or a wooden chair).

I found the 4-week-long missing Rocking Horse jigsaw piece! Atilla was so happy, he had it in his hand for ever so long.

Atilla playing "Orse". In his idiosyncratic gait, he galloped around the house like a horse (with Rocking Horse firmly gripped in his fist). Did Aunty teach him to gallop? I didn't. He truly 'galloped'  in a canter - his left leg always started, and his right leg always behind. Under the hanging laundry, around the dining table, through the kitchen, in the hallway, through the living room, around the dining table, under the laundry...

Atilla's moon (c) Atilla 2012
Atilla drew a moon! We were mucking about in the master bedroom, and found a paper and pen. Atilla wanted me to help him draw his requests - cat, dog, flower. After a bit he took over, scribbled a bit, and then proudly showed Daddy "cat!" "dog!" "moon!"

We enforced the rule of Not Taking Daddy's stuff away in the bedroom. Wailing and gnashing of teeth. Eventually he was distracted, and went downstairs in a reasonable mood for his bath. I wish I remembered how we did that. I think it involved his bit of paper, and then his deciding he'd rather bring his touchy-feely Peter Rabbit book downstairs.

Atilla fitted the Rocking Horse piece perfectly into the jigsaw! Daddy was doubtful Atiila would remember it, but I wasn't. Atilla has a very good memory, and he always knew the missing piece was a horse and so he was reminded of it each night he played.

Atilla deciding he would rather go to his bedtime routine, than stay to play downstairs.

And just now, Atilla woke up from his evening sleep, brought two books to come to my bed, wailed as he was stymied by the closed door, and then allowing himself to be soothed back to sleep in his own bed - still clutching his books.

Now I'm going to put an extra layer on him and hope he doesn't wake during the process. Second try.