Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bringing up baby: 15 October 2012

bed diagram 15 Oct 2012 (c) ^_^ 2012
It was a lovely morning.

Atilla shared some of his favourite activities at day care with me this morning. First we did some climbing on the big kids' playground. Then we went indoors. Jigsaw, baby area, music box.

I had to leave eventually.


This afternoon when I picked him up, he was happily playing with everybody. They were outside in the little kids' play area, hiding in the wooden climbing box, climbing on the climbing box.

Atilla was hiding. A little baby girl was chortling as she reached through the gaps of the box to say hello to Atilla. He was having much fun hiding from her too.

At bedtime, Atilla developed his sleep routine further. It started on Sunday 7th October. He insisted his giraffe be in bed with him.

Subsequently he began to have additions.

Teddy bear.
Rocking horse.
Woollen blanket.

Tonight he wanted additional companions: hand-me-down cat; kakapo bird from mum; special book made by Aunty; new book from Aunty and Uncle.

I'm not sure anything else will fit beside him.


{After he fell asleep, I moved cat and kakapo to his bedside table, to make room for his water bottle. 

I took his new book from his face and placed it back in the book area. 

I put rocking horse back in the jigsaw.

I shifted his special book further down his bed closer to the foot of the bed so he wouldn't hurt himself if he tossed and turned during the night.}

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