Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bringing up baby: Daylight Savings edition

Eyes wide shut (c) -_- 2012

I hate Daylight Savings. I hate how the last Labour government changed the timing of it. Now I still get up in the dark on week days - unless I oversleep.

This week was bearable, as far as Atilla's co-operation in the mornings. He did sleep in, but I don't blame him. I would too.

Crash-time was today: Saturday 6th October.

I was so bleary. Atilla had night terror again, so he came to our bed.  I had night terror he might fall out of bed (he was on the outside edge) so I didn't sleep very well after that, as I was half awake to ensure I had a hold on him at all times.

I was so bleary. Atilla woke up suddenly, as he always does once he'd had a good sleep. He started his usual routine of sounding out who was awake, "pooop."

Like I said, I was so bleary. I responded with a moan, "uhnnh."

Having startled his prey, Atilla went to close the deal. Can't remember how he did it. I was convinced. I opened my eyes. I don't know what I saw. I closed my eyes again. I had a mild headache too. But I was sitting up, so it meant I was looking after Atilla.

I whined at Atilla to give me some time to wake up.

I slid out of bed and sat on the floor. I heard him pit-patter out the room, rattle the child-safety gate, and come back in. He placed something in my hand. I fumbled at it, before figuring it was his vest. What a good boy! I fumbled some more, and prepared it for him to wear.

I held the neck bit wide open, and he placed his head under it. Wow. He really likes his vest. Still with my eyes shut, we arranged his arms through the vest.

I whined some more, trying to buy more time to be asleep. I groped for my socks. Atilla placed something soft and woolly in my hands. What a nice boy! He found my slippers! I praised him, and asked for help with my socks. He handed me my socks - a matching pair! (good judgement, as I have plenty of socks lying unmatched) - one at a time. Dude!

Unasked, he next handed me a discarded top I'd forgotten I'd meant to toss into the laundry basket. I thanked him, and wore the top. (Only wore it for half a day; must still be on the fresh side.)

I really felt his love for me. I wanted to reciprocate. I didn't know how. I was so bleary. My eyes were still shut.

I asked him to lead me out of the room, and held out my hand. He took my hand gently - as he does when he holds my hand - and leads me out the room, to the landing, and the gate. At the top of the stairs, he made his own way down via bum stepping. I did too.

He gently took my hand, and guided me around the tricky bit of the stairs at the bottom. He led me down the hallway, and into the kitchen. At which point he found something more interesting to him - "bowl" - and left me standing in the middle of the kitchen. Nice.

My eyes were still shut. I groped my way around the open-plan rooms to put down his water bottle I was carrying.

I was still determined to be asleep. I'm pretty sure I had to give that up at some stage before too long. Not sure which stage. By the time we did "milk" at least, as I had to visually measure the milk.

Well, we had a good morning.

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