Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Bringing up baby: 10 October 2012

daycare play (c) ^_^ 2012

  • Watching Atilla play with Peter at day care; Atilla walking in front, Peter behind with his hands on Atilla's shoulders, both laughing with joy.
  • Playing with Atilla at the playground, he and I.
  • Solving Dadee's and my problem of buying a kindle book via Amazon for Cousin Qwerty.
  • An early night.

I dearly love Atilla. But. When he cries inconsolably because I can't or won't indulge in his vagaries, it pierces deep into my aching bundle of second-guessing mass. Oh sweetheart, I want to help. But I can't. I need to drive carefully so we don't crash.

My love, I don't know how I can help you. You have to tell me what you want.

Each shriek wrings through my maternal soul, and I become frustrated with Atilla being so closed off to listen to me.

Then comes bedtime. He falls asleep.

He is clean, fresh-smelling. He's cuddle-warm tucked up in his own bed, with his wool blanket tenderly pulled to his chest. His hands are out-flung, as he's always preferred it since he was born. Teddy is beside him, protecting his hands and feet from entanglement with the open wooden rails of his cot-bed.

He barely stirs as I deploy the Grooming Fairy. 

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