Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bringing up baby: 2 October 2012

  • Co-sleeping, and snuggling up to a warm soft sleeping baby.
  • Breakfast with Atilla.
  • Playing with Atilla before going out.
  • Interacting with Atilla at day care before I had to leave.
  • Arriving at day care, and observing Atilla read a book by himself. "Goat" "owl" (inaudible) "ani-oul"
  • Allowing Atilla time in the big kids playground to play. I love watching him play. He climbed, he used my assistance to get down, he explored the box area, he climbed...
  • Atilla chatting in the back seat as I drove home.
  • Atilla going to sleep with Giraffe. I miss cuddling him to sleep.

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