Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bringing up baby: ? - 22 October 2012

I've been very tired lately. Too tired to remember the happenings of the day.

I think this was the week Atilla was teething. His irritability and overall change-ability pissed us all off.

Midnight awakenings, co-sleeping, kicks to our head. On top of tendency to cry at first sign of frustration which set my mood on edge.

I first noticed his canines on Sunday. Right fangs they are.

This Labour Weekend was good.

Highlights and milestones:

  • Making Carrot mini cupcakes and Texas muffins successfully. 
  • Having fun with Atilla - Sunday morning, from 6.45-ish to 8-ish. Atilla reading, riding his trike, playing 'Hat', dancing with me, dancing to my singing, drawing, playing by himself, playing 'Gravity', screaming competiton with me (in a friendly way). No screen-time until just before Skyping. 
  • Drawing with Atilla. Cats, horses, dogs. Rainbow. 
  • Atilla's recent passion for reading through his library of books at anytime of the day. 
  • Atilla's canines.
  • Buffet lunch with whole family. Seconds, and thirds. And best of all, someone else cleaning up Atilla's dining radius.
  • His delight in being naked after his bath (every night, and I delight in it). 
  • Atilla's heroic dump, and Dadee saving the night.
  • Atilla voluntarily brushing his teeth. 
  • Atilla going to sleep without co-sleeping; snuggled beside his giraffe, teddy bear, water bottle, holding a specially selected book. Rocking horse may be involved. His special blanket certainly was (to be honest, he doesn't care which blanket - he has two in his bed). 
  • Grooming Fairy regrettably trimmed off more curls.
doodle cats 22 Oct 2012 (c) Atilla & co 2012.
  • In the morning we were preparing our expedition for grocery shopping. Atilla was being strong-minded and whiny, with occasional flashes of rationality. This was one of them. He wanted to read his Lift-the-flap Spot book. I told him he could read it after shopping. Dadee said he could read it after shopping. Atilla hid in his secret hiding place (a small gap by the glass patio door and a temporarily placed dining chair with one level of cardboard box. He couldn't see us, as his head was level with the seat of the dining chair. We could see his legs. He sat there with his book open on his lap, reading aloud. When he finished reading, he emerged to a vanished audience (we took the quiet opportunity to neaten up the house and other sundry small things which needed doing, which is normally done at the Put Atilla In Carseat phase of the departure process). 
  • Assisting Atilla draw a tail on doodle cats. He moved the pencil, I directed the movement. 
  • Learning NZSL for - fart (to differentiate from 'poop'), piss (to differentiate from 'poop, 'fart'). By the evening, he took great joy in verbalising and signing 'fart'. 
  • Bubbles in the garden.
  • Working in the garden to get rid of the gawdawful mothplants. Why the insane Hades does anyone voluntarily keep them on their property?
  • Ditto bamboo.
  • Dadee apologising to Atilla with an offering of cheese; Atilla reciprocating with the offer of reading a book. (Atilla had been very strong-minded all day, and all weekend, and Dadee had been the target of the strong-mindedness. By this point Atilla was putting himself in danger zone and ignoring Dadee.)

The other odd happening today.

It started last night, when he woke up crying and decided to bring giraffe to our bed for co-sleeping. He kicked my head several times, and I was rough (I was asleep several times before being kicked awake each time). Dadee mediated and soothed Atilla.

Atilla woke around 6.50am or so, his typical time. (On work days, he can sleep to after 7am.) After a whole-hearted attempt to stay asleep, he sat up in bed. He mucked about for a bit for many several minutes, in which I provided some assistance - such as lifting him onto the bed.

I heard him pitter patter in and out; I heard the rolling of the small trolley which I had left outside on the landing.

At some stage between lifting and dozing, I truly slept.

Next thing I know, Atilla shouts, and I wake in auto-mum mode. "What's the matter, Atilla?" the words reflexively emerge from my stupor.

Blearily I note there has been the addition of two books, a spinning top, his rocking horse, and his woollen blanket in our room. When did those happen?

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