Friday, 12 October 2012

Bringing up baby: life lessons

  • Greet the ones you love with a smile.
  • Play every day.
  • When you're happy, tell the ones you love.
  • Challenge yourself every day.
  • When you're happy, clap your hands.
  • Applaud yourself when you:
    • have tried something new;
    • have completed something challenging;
    • have eliminated a shitload of constipation.
  • Smile.
  • Make a mess.
  • Cleanliness can wait.
  • Washing dishes by hand means you get to play with bubbles!
  • Brushing teeth means you get bubbles in your mouth!
  • When life gets too tough, take a time-out.
  • The floor is a perfectly acceptable place to lie down and wait for things to get better.
  • Tears and crying is an acceptable way of releasing frustration and stress.
  • Keep moving.
  • Rules are created for safer living.
  • Say, "Thank you" and it will cheer up some one's day.
  • It's acceptable to share; it's acceptable to be possessive.
  • Life is too short; children grow so quickly.
  • Sleep close to the ones you love.
  • Super mummy makes things better.
  • Super daddy makes mummy better.
  • Love life.
An incomplete list of what I've learned from being Atilla's mother.

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