Monday, 15 October 2012

Bringing up baby: 9 October 2012

I finished work early today.

I had the privilege of watching Atilla interacting at day care normally. I was charmed.

He was in the baby area, playing with the babies. The babies were on their mats, with mobiles dangling over them. Atilla was on his back, lying beside the babies. He reached up and batted the mobiles, looked at the baby on his right, and laughed with her.

There were other babies at varying stages of crawling and upstanding, and he was playing very well in the group.


After picking up Dadee, we agreed to go to a playground on our way home. We decided on Michael Park Reserve. Atilla got to hog the swings - all of three seats! I did help.

We climbed, we crawled, we rolled. Atilla faced and completed several new physical challenges: the metal rungs on the different ladders; the two types of covered slides; the wobbly wooden bridge; the two metal slides; the flying fox (not so much completed, as "look ma! No hands!" via Dadee); the metal steps to the little kids' slide; the metal not-quite ladder nor tube.

At the top of the steep Big Big kids' metal slide, Atilla's eyes gleamed ever brighter. He spotted the metal rungs of the adults' fitness trail. Neither Mum nor Dadee were persuaded to jump the wooden fence to demonstrate to Atilla.

I convinced Atilla to exit the playground, as I was cold - one layer of shirt, vs Dadee's shirt & vest, vs Atilla's thermal underwear & shirt & vest. We got out.

Atilla consequently toddled to the entrance again, pursued by Dadee.

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