Monday, 18 February 2013

Bringing up baby: 16 Feb 2013

This was a splendid day. Highlights:
  • Sleeping in until 7.30am, where Tilly woke early and preoccupied himself with self-inspired activities.
  • Enjoying breakfast with Tilly, where he ate both peaches from Ah Ma's garden (one of my bucket list is to have Tilly enjoy food from the garden - Ah Ma's garden counts).
  • Cleaning up after breakfast, I did the dishes and Tilly swept the floors. He used all three brooms/brushes and the floors were quite cleaned. He had some fun chasing me with the brooms. We did have an accident, for which I am responsible, when one long handle knocked the pepper mill onto the floor. He swept up the pepper dust very well.
  • We had great fun a the first nappy change. He bounced around on the bed, for a very long time. He flopped backwards onto the pillows many times. He stomped around in a circle.
  • We had yoghurt and muesli together.
  • We got to ambush Daddy when he came home from work.
  • Just before we got dressed for Chinese New Year lunch, we played Chased By Crocodile Stick. Tilly pursued Mummy and Daddy around the parental bedroom, aiming the crocodile stick at us. We perforced escaped into the closet, and onto the bed, and ran around the curtains.
  • Tilly watched Daddy shave.
  • We had a replete Family buffet banquet at Eight. Small portions, and plenty of them, and so well cooked !!!! Kiwi lamington yummy!
  • Nap for 3hrs.
  • Watching The Living Earth - Jungle.
  • Watching Tilly repeat his stomping-flopping routine for Daddy, after bath.
  • Flossing Tilly's teeth. I got 4 this time.
  • Reading to Tilly.
  • Tilly reading to himself for the duration of Brahm's Lullaby.
  • Turning off the light, and receiving a request to sing.
  • Tilly falling quietly asleep.

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