Friday, 15 February 2013

Bringing up baby: 11-13 Feb 2013

Tilly was ill. Vomited 7 times in 24 hours. But he was cheerful for all that, and his usual energetic self.

I cared for him today. It was fun. We slept in, he woke up, had his milk with Daddy, and vomited. They cleaned up, we had breakfast, Tilly vomited, we cleaned up, and took Daddy to work, visited the doctor who was very reassuring. We visited our town centre and the fountain, and pursued some idle pigeons. We dropped our winter duvet at the dry cleaners'. We picked up Tilly's Paedolyte from the pharmacy, bought the first hot cross buns of the season. Revisited the fountain, and Tilly didn't want to share the experience so we went exploring.

We walked a circuit around the Memorial Hall, and returned to our car. I took us to One Tree Hill playground with its stellar train.

We mucked about, uncaring of how long we took. Apart from our experience with the train - I may repeat the experience with Tilly when he's considerably older and less likely to take his time appreciating a new object.

He swung, he ate, he drank, he swung. He climbed the steps up the slide, levered himself to the top, and slid down -- all by himself! No Mummy-boost required or requested.

He explored a bit, finding the Dog Poo receptacle quite amusing.

He took his time, and I enjoyed watching him and playing with him.

He fell asleep in the car, and continued to nap at home.

I napped with him.

When we woke up, we played some more. He was amenable to waiting for Daddy's verdict on whether he could watch the Dinosaur DVD again. He was very good at waiting. In the meantime, we emptied out his extant toy box. We hooped. We spun his top. We opened up Teresa's gift to him - the Animal calendar he was so fascinated by in 2012. We read the calendar many times. I drew the animals many times for Tilly. He played with a toy fan. I drew him playing with the toy fan. We played the keyboard. We played Chase, with his crocodile snappy toy: he pursues me around the living room and dining room, threatening me with the crocodile, while I do my humble best to escape by running, crawling, and dodging.

12 Feb 2013

One of Tilly's games: Bye bye. I may have mentioned it before. This afternoon, I realise his After Bath game of Bye Bye is a rehearsal for his True Bye Bye game, wherein he sits in the driving seat of the car and pretends to drive. Hence the three pillows requirement. One for the back of the seat, one for the steering wheel, one for the dashboard.

13 February 2013

Today Tilly got the chance to play in the puddle remaining after the rain. I had the chance to observe him playing with one of his friends, Nell. They had so much fun exploring the world when it was wet. Tilly slid down the slide, which was unexpectedly slippery and fast. He was surprised at the speed, and thumped onto the wooden patio. He sat there. He chortled. Then he went back for several more rounds.

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