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Bringing up baby: 26 January 2013

The trend of Tilly's maturation and worldly experiences appears to indicate a propensities for the unusual. If a Google search for help is any indication. First, pomegranate seed up the nose. Now, biting, and swallowing, a piece of plastic spoon.

Today was one of our splendid days as a family.

It was the day after our big family get-together, wherein we all stayed up late, and awoke late.

One of the consequences being that Tilly was able to withstand staying awake until mid-afternoon, allowing us three to say our good-byes at the airport to the family returning home to Brisbane, and enjoy one big family lunch at the airport.

We woke this morning (Tilly in our parental bed). Tilly snuffled closer to me in an attempt to have another snooze before parents woke up to look after him. Oh, the happiness on his face when he realised I was also awake! Such a lovely smile.

He was very nice to me, giving me sufficient time to gather my thoughts and encourage the rest of my anatomy to get on with the day, get dressed, wake up, and take Tilly downstairs for his morning milk. He busied himself, bringing Giraffe. He talked to Giraffe, "yes? yes? Okay."

Daddy reposed in bed. I hauled Tilly-carrying-Giraffe, and carried his water bottle down the stairs.   Tilly then surprised me, by insistently wriggling so as to be put down to walk. "Tilly," I called to him, "can you put water bottle on the table and put Giraffe on his seat?" He surprised me a second time, by accepting the water bottle (he is now co-ordinate s and strong enough to carry his water bottle and Giraffe and walk At The Same Time!) and following my instructions. Almost.

"Oh no," he said. This was when I realised Somebody had moved Giraffe's seat last night from it's usual place. I rectified the matter, shovelling the pile of IDon'tRecall off Giraffe's seat, and moving the seat where it out to be.

Anyhow, Tilly was very nice at the Milk Routine. I enjoy the way he taps his plastic milk bottle against the granite bench, how he teases me by handing me the teat to pour milk into, then smirks at me as he finally hands me the bottle proper; I pour the warmed milk into the bottle, to the soundtrack of plastic bottle top banging on the granite bench; he waits patiently as I rinse out the milky Pyrex jug, three times; I pick him up off his steps, and carry him to the rocking chair; he settles down for a snuggle and milk, I close my eyes for more shut-eye and snuggle.

Tilly was also very nice to me at Change Nappy Routine. He was happy.

Daddy made us a hot breakfast this morning - scrambled eggs on buttered English muffins. We ate every bit. Tilly interspersed his breaking fast with episodic Play. I simply focused on finishing my tea. Daddy was so very very nice to Tilly. They did Triking. They did Reading. They did MagnaDoodling. Tilly also did Empty-My-Chest-Box.

This gave me sufficient time to catch up on necessary housework, to prepare for this long weekend of excellent weather.

And then it was noon, the time I was told the West Auckland convoy was leaving. The Central Auckland gang got our act together, and removed from our house. This involved repeatedly telling Tilly, "we're going out. put on your socks and shoes". Optimistically,Tilly insisted on brining his outside ball.

En route to airport, I was informed the ETA had been moved to 12.40pm. The CA gang diverted to this lovely Angelican church Daddy had discovered a while ago, wee playground included. How foresighted of Tilly to have brought the ball.

We three mucked about a bit. I had so much fun. The wee playground was just right for Tilly to climb, and slide, and hide. The park bench was just right for Daddy to sit on. We invented a few games today.

Boomp. This requires a park bench, a ball, and two people. Person A is sitting down. Person B kicks the ball to A. Person A boomps the ball back to Person B using his hips. Ad nauseum.

1-2-3-Jump! This requires at least three things to jump off. Today it was wooden stumps embedded in concrete. Three people stand on the stumps. Person A counts, "one two three jump!" And all three people jump down at the same time. All three get back on the stumps, and it's Person B's turn to count down and call. Then Person C's turn.
   As a variation, running around the rubbish bin may be incorporated into the end routine, before returning to stand on the stumps.
   Another variation, the count down and calling may be silent. This adds to the challenge.
I'm really proud of this game, as the idea of all three of us getting on the stumps then jumping off and then getting back on, was Tilly's. As was running around the rubbish bin. My only contribution was the count down and calling.

We also kicked the ball around. Tilly pursued a few birds. Husband and I chatted idly for a bit. And then it was 1pm, time to return to our plan of arriving at the airport to say our good byes.

En route, 1.05pm, I am informed the WA convoy had departed. This meant CA gang had to find more ways of entertaining a demanding, yet adorable, two year old.

On the way, Tilly taught Daddy and me how to make the brrrm brrrm sounds of an engine. It is surprisingly harder than it appears. I have much respect for Tilly's noise. When I do brrrm brrrm, I get a head ache. I found myself making raspberry noises more easily than brrrm brrrm sounds. Daddy picked up the knack faster than I did, but he didn't compare to the Master.

We arrived at Check-In. Made our way to the viewing lounge. Tilly was charmed. And charming. He really enjoyed himself. I wondered whether it might be worth it to spend one whole day at the airport for him to get satiated.

Eventually he did get bored when the last of the planes had taken off, and allowed us to go find Ah Ma.

Later on, after he'd finished his lunch, he requested to be taken to see the viewing lounge again. This was after he'd bitten off the end of the black plastic teaspoon. It was very close to our pre-agreed car park limit. But I couldn't deny my tired sweet baby one more chance to see real aeroplanes close up. He and I went up together. He had so much fun making himself at home. There weren't many planes taking off, mostly small ones landing. He was tired, but still didn't want to leave. I explained to him I was going home, having a nap, then playing fireworks.

"Home, nap, fireworks."
"No nap," he negotiated.
"Nap, then fireworks," I stood my ground. I thought that was pretty generous, considering he'd had at least 6 hours screen time at Ah Ma's on Thursday.
"No nap," he negotiated.
"Nap, then fireworks."

He turned his back to me, and faced the window facing aeroplanes.

I said, "Bye bye Tilly. See you later," and turned my back too, to walk away.

"Wahh," he cried.

I stopped, and turned to face him. "Come with me," I entreated.

He was torn. He didn't want to leave the planes. He didn't want to be without an Anchor. "Waah," he cried. I walked back to him, and cuddled him, and stroked him, walking to the hallway, doing my best to take his attention away from the window where a large Air New Zealand plane was coming up to the window.

Sigh. Best laid plans often go awry. He turned his head at almost the last moment. He spotted the plane.

Frustration tantrum ensued. We had a literal stand-off. He'd wriggled himself out off my arms, and was making his way back to the window, where there was a small crowd of watchers interested in the same plane. However, I was standing in the hallway almost at the turn of the corner going away from the viewing lounge.

He had a hard decision to make. Will he leave Mummy and go into the crowd of watchers by himself?

I had a hard decision to make. Will I indulge him in this rare opportunity to see a large plane up close? Or do I stay with my first decision, to maintain the principle of Mummy Makes The Rules And Tilly Obeys?

I didn't know how long our stand-off would be. I was also concerned we may be paying more in parking fees. My heart ached for his frustration. I was so sorry he was crying. I wanted to comfort him. I wanted to take him to the window so he could see the plane up close. I was concerned about parking fees.

He stamped his foot, still crying. He was very Torn.

I held my arms open to him. He turned on the spot, in a circle, still undecided on his best course of action. I held my arms still more entreatingly, warmly, in a non-dominating way.

He reluctantly slowly stepped the distance of the hallway, towards me, still sobbing, still frustrated. I knelt down, all the better to enfold my unhappy darling in my arms.

We hugged, him and I. We hugged, and he wept into my neck and shirt. We hugged, and I comforted as best I could, knowing I was the agent for his distress. I murmured to him how happy I was he decided to choose me, how glad I was. I promised him un-timed fireworks session. I told him I'd tell Daddy how nice Tilly was when he chose to come to Mummy. I repeated all these as I held him close and patted his back and carried him downstairs to the rest of the Family.

We said our prolonged farewells to everybody.

Brief episode of Tilly's Tears in the car.

Then home, and some respite while Tilly continued his afternoon nap. I caught up on more housework.

Life got much better. As advised, when Tilly awoke from his nap, we gave him bread, all the better to make sure the plastic wasn't stuck in his throat. We played fireworks, aka Wii games.

Daddy and Tilly got the high score in WiiFit Skateboard Beginner - 159 points. It was amazing. I'm glad I was there to see it. Tilly and I clocked the Link Crossbow Training Finale 3 for the second time. Go us!

Tilly maintained his good mood during dinner. And Bath. And Bedtime Routine.

I had more chances to catch up on housework.

What I'd give to not do any housework for one day, and not have the work accumulate for the next day.

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