Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bringing up baby: Vocabulary

Tilly knows quite a lot of words, more than he uses with me.

Is that Mummy?
There's Daddy.

This way.
Carriage escort.
Snow peak.
Skull shooting.
Skype machine.

Uh oh where it go?
Baby sharing.
This way dog.

12 January 2013: Zebra crossing
Tilly practised crossing at a pedestrian crossing. I called it "zebra crossing" at first. So, Tilly insisted on crossing to find the zebras. D'oh. We had to cross back. Then cross again to look for zebras. We walked along but didn't find any zebras.

Later on, Tilly attempted another zebra hunt with Daddy.
11 January 2013: enounciation, and finger spelling It was so hot and humid last night - maybe due to the Australian fires, the South fires - I brought out the fan. It whirred loudly. It fascinated Tilly.

"Fan," I pointed it to him.
"Fam," he tried the word.
"Fan," I said,"with an 'N'. Nih"
"Fam," he tried again.
"Fan," I finger-spelled the word. "F. A. N. Nih."
"Fan." I racked my memory for an 'N' word familiar to him. "F. A. N. Like in 'No'"
"Fan," he said.

Gosh, phonics is useful at such a young age! I'm gonna look for some.

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