Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Bringing up baby: Memory - dancing

One of my favourite activities with Tilly: dancing.

Most of the time Our Song is "Umbrella" covered by The Baseballs. (youtube)

He used to be much shorter than me, so I'd haul him up onto our dining room chair to get to my height, and then I'd dance around him; twirls, be-bops, half-hugs. It culminates in his big scene.

He is heaved-ho'd and swung out off the chair, then laid out on the floor (on a mat) and then quickly pulled up Whoosh! into a fling.

It was lovely to have him so eager to dance. The moment he heard the opening notes, he'd rapidly search for His Chair to dance in. Yes, kiddo, I did smirk at Christmas when your chair was appropriated for Christmas lunch, and you couldn't find it to dance in.

The last laugh was on me, as now he doesn't even try to use His Chair anymore. sigh. He's close enough to my height, where I can do twirls under his arm (if I bend down limbo style).

Anyhow, dancing with him is one of my fondest memories. Definitely makes the Bucket List.

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