Friday, 30 September 2011

story 5.3

He cheerfully kicked his heels against his chair.

His mum was very nice this morning. His dad was sleepy. Brisbane was turning out very nice.

It had been an eventful evening the previous night, what with meeting his cousins again. And he had been so tired! but now he was rarin' to go again!

Mum was peculiarly pleased with the breakfast she had prepared for him. Atilla couldn't understand why, but he was willing to give it a go for her sake.

He had stared at the yellow-cubed hashings upturned so-called temptingly on his plate. He used his forefinger and thumb to explore them.

"Mmmm, yummy mango," Mum mimed the eating of the fruit. Presumably he was supposed to join in her appreciation. Or vice versa?

"Yes," he disagreed politely. He ate the marmite fingers which had been provided as a staple side option. Occasionally he would squidge a yellow cube.

Mother made no further comment, practically ignoring him as she looked at the horizon past the balcony, smiling as she picked at the mango on her plate.

Atilla noticed a flicker of motion just to the left side of his field of vision.

"It's Cousin Qwerty!" he exclaimed excitedly. "Do you like mango?"

"Hello Atilla," Cousin Qwerty greeted him. "Yes I like mangos. Amy loves them even more."

"Let me share mine with you!" Atilla said generously.

Mum grinned.

"Dad!" Atilla spotted his paternal unit through the glass wall alongside the balcony.

Dad waved, and entered the balcony scene. He yawned. "There's no escaping past you, young sir." He helped himself to a marmite finger.

"You should have some mango. Mother made it especially," Atilla said reproachfully.

Mum grinned soppily at Dad. Atilla carefully ignored it.

The day had started now that Cousin Qwerty was here!

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