Monday, 5 September 2011

story 4.1

The weather here is very fine. The people appear obsessed by penguins and an olive-shaped ball sport and poor public transport. Otherwise the people are very fine and friendly. As you told me, I am wearing thermal underwear. I am enjoying myself. Wish you were here.

Bobbi heaved a thankful sigh. Ta-dah! Postcard duties completed. The rest of the day was hers to live as she wished, so long as she remembered to post the missive.

She put on her pocketful overcoat, and made sure to tie her bootlaces and to lock up her abode. Yes, everything was secured so now she was ready to set off.

She jumped down to the driveway, and sauntered along the crescent-shaped street. Lovely Gingko trees lined the grassy verge. Truly, this suburb is blessed, she mused happily.

The neighbourhood was prone to dogs and cats. Two black labradors fenced behind metal gates stared glumly at her. One small barking curly-haired dog, secured by white fencing, announced her presence to all and sundry. One brown curly poodle-cross growled at her temerity to glance at the separating wooden fence. Oh, and the cats! Annointing and burying all over the place. Bobbi could smell it. Them.

Markings on the road warned her to 'Child That Mind'.

This was a small price to pay to reach the postbox. There was no longer the option to use the blue post - it was now defunct. The default postage was the red post.

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