Monday, 26 September 2011

story 5.1

Little Atilla was quite excited. "Brisbane Brisbane Bris-bane!" He jumped and hopped in circles, flapping his arms; he couldn't contain himself.

Uncle Fox drove them all to the airport and waved 'good bye'. They arrived early "to avoid the crowd" said Mum, which didn't explain to Atilla why she dragged them up and down the airport to look for The Spinnaker Lounge that wsn't there.

Dad praised Atilla "well done" as the family was speeded to the front of the Departure queue. This adventure was fast. And then it slowed.

Everybody was bunched up and waiting on seats at a Gate. Atilla climbed onto his seat and jumped down, repeating this activity several more times.


A melodic female voice was on the speaker, then people rushed to queue. There were a scattering of babies ahead of them.

Persistently they shuffled forward. And then they were off! shuffling and striding down a narrow hallway.

At the airport! To an aeroplane!

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