Sunday, 18 September 2011

story 4.5

"Have a great time in Brisbane." She waved 'goodbye' to the familiar-looking kid.

"Yup. Brisbane!"

Bobbi continued her pace past the Chinese & European food takeaways. She enjoyed these random walks and encounters. It had become a lovely sunny day, just perfect for a picnic.

With a few coins in her pocket, her time to call her own, other people at work, why! this was a wonderful day that allowed her to run about and shout, "Freeeeedommm!"

Even the kids were at school (apart from the kid she met) (maybe he needed to be at school too?) those who were too young to partake of formal schooling were fenced behind tall railings, pushing wheelbarrows and pulling hoes, called into class by the sound of a bell.

She revelled and shivered ecstatically at the thought of the potential in her day. She walked onwards, not knowing where she was heading to or what she would see.

Bobbi hoped she would see oliphaunts and kauri, rosellas and olive trees, pukekos and rimu.

Right now all she saw were flags and pennants, "For Sale" signs and "Sold", cats and dogs.

In any case, tonight she would return to her holiday home, safe and sound, ready for another adventure tomorrow.

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