Saturday, 17 September 2011

story 4.4

Bobbi admired his confidence. She said so.

"Say, kid, I admire your confidence."

He made a graceful bow. "Thank you."

"I do hope I don't become ill," he added.

"Yes, that would suck majorly," Bobbi agreed. "You would have to stay in bed and can't go out."

"That's what happenned to me one time," the boy said with surprise. "Did it happen to you?"

"Of course. It's a well known symptom and correlation."

"Well," said he, "I shall be less surprised in future."

"Yup," said Bobbi, "we learn something new everyday."

"So very true," her acquaintance sympathised. "Did you know you're not supposed to talk to strangers?"

Bobbi raised her brows in astonishment. "I'm not?"

"Nope," he averred.


He paused. "That's a poser," he agreed. His eyebrows drew together in a thoughtful frown. "I shall ask my mother when I see her," he announced.

"When will you see her?"

"When she's finished in the dairy." He pointed through the shop doorway. "She needed more milk, and I wanted to go to the playground."

"Hey, I saw that playground. It's really brilliant!"

"Yes, I think so too! I'll miss it when I'm in Brisbane," he said. "Brisbane Brisbane Bris-bane!" he roared.

"Nah, I bet you'll have so much fun with your cousins, you won't have time for playgrounds."

He beamed. "Brisbane!"

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