Thursday, 29 September 2011

story 5.2

"Brisbane Brisbane!" Atilla yodelled.

The flight was lots of fun. He was given lollies and toys and a puppet cow! Yvonne the cow, named after Yvonne the cow.

On arrival at BNE and conveyencing through the building, mother had helped him strip down to his t-shirt and shorts. He was barefoot! This adventure was beginning very well, from his point of view.

Now they were travelling in a taxi under the starlit streetlight-lit Brisbane evening.

"What a beautiful blue bridge," mother admired the blue-lit bridge overarching the Brisbane river.

Atilla grizzled. He was tired and sleepy and he couldn't relax in the humid heat of the Brisbane spring evening. "Brisbane," he grumped.

"Just a few minutes more," father said.

"Yes, just a few more minutes," mother encouraged Atilla's stamina. "You're holding up very well. We'll see Auntie M- and Cousin Qwerty and Cousin Amy and Uncle B-."

Atilla yawned.

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