Saturday, 30 July 2011

story 2.5

"I'm sorry," Atilla expressed his sympathy again. "Would it help to take flowers to her? It works in all the ads on tv."

“Flowers?” Cat1 perked up. He drooped again. "How will I keep the flowers fresh?"

"These flowers," Atilla proudly pointed to the daisies, "like rain, sun, air, and dirt. That's why they live here."

“Soooo,” Cat1 said thoughtfully, "if I take a bit of dirt and flowers, and keep them with rain, sun, air and dirt, the flowers may stay fresh until I give them to her..."


“Do I have your permission to take some dirt, flowers, rain, sun, air and dirt?”


Atilla observed the hover-craft laser around a small patch of topsoil and accompanying winter daisies. The patch of soil levitated into the craft easily. A container emerged and waved purposefully in the air, and returned into the craft.

"I've got another brilliant idea," Atilla said. "Wait here."

Cat1 waited, while mein host climbed the porch steps and disappeared into his home. He looked bemusedly at the plant-life co-habiting his cockpit. Mayhaps it ought to be put into the storage hold? Except the cockpit looked so much friendlier with the sunny yellow centres of the flowers in the environment.

Atilla returned triumphantly with clenched fists. "I remembered the ads also like to give these to girls."

He opened his hands and displayed his prize - dark lumps.

"I got them from my dad's stash. It's chocolate for grown ups. I'm sure it will be a hit. My granddad likes them, and so does my uncle, and my mum. My auntie can't eat it because it's too hot spicy. I can have some when I turn fifteen."

“Thank you very much,” Cat1 received the contribution gratefully. He waggled his ship to signify thanks. He wiggled his ship to signify farewell. “You're a great help. I'll be sure to tell her. See you around.”

"Good bye," said Atilla, and waved him good-bye.

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