Tuesday, 5 July 2011

5 July 2011

counting blessings:
- baby slept 2016-0745!
- easy to understand baby -wake, eat, nappy, play upright, eat, play, carry, sleep, wake, nappy, eat, lie down, jump one hour, sleep, nappy, eat, play, eat, carry, bath, eat, sleep-
- recipe for homemade gripe water -fennel seed infusion-
- internet! and people providing information on internet,
- parents,
- husband,
- bed,

6 best:
saw - fruit picked from own garden,
taste - wan tan hor fan (yummy!),
touch - cuddly baby not struggling,
heard - loving reassurance from husband/ husband giving support for homemade gripe water,
did - make homemade gripe water/ completed 1 leg warmer for baby,
smelt - husband (intimacy).

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