Saturday, 2 July 2011

2 July 2011

counting blessings:
- un-moulded window-sills,
- filling healthy breakfast (poached eggs on bed of salmon, baby spinach, toast,
- family breakfast,
- family picnic,
- almond-chocolate encrusted patesserie,
- sunny day,
- co-operative husband,
- mown grass,
- stack of clean nappies,
- baby asleep for 2 hours,
- family dinner,
- fun baby,
- naked baby sitting happily on toilet seat,
- funny baby,
- time with energetic baby who entertained himself,
- sleeping baby;

six of the best:
saw - naked baby grinning while sitting happily on toilet seat,
touch - family hug/ home-mde rose handcream,
taste - poached eggs on salmon with spinach on toast,
heard - baby giggles,
did - applied clove oil to window-sills/ organised family picnic,
smelt - sunshine on picnic.

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