Saturday, 16 July 2011

story 1.1

Young Atilla toddled down his driveway. It was a grey concreted wide drive, wide enough for twice ten Atillas. Right now only the original Atilla occupied the space.

Despite Mother's remonstrances to hold her hand when walking down the driveway, Atilla believed he knew better than Mum about what he could do.

He could, to start, unlock the front door. He knew, and did, turn the doorknob to open the front door. And he had had much practice and experience walking out the door.

He put all his knowledge into practice, and now he had arrived at the letterbox.

Atilla was stumped. The letterbox was a puzzle which needed to be cracked step by step.

Item one: the letterbox was much higher than he could reach without help.

Item two: it was a locked box so a key would be needed.

Item three: the letterbox was quite deep inside, and he might be unable to find his hand afterwards.

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