Monday, 25 July 2011

story 2.2

Atilla jumped from the porch and landed safely on the grass below. He kicked the weeds clustered around the wooden steps of the porch.

That activity satisfactorily concluded, he turned his attention to other available interests in the garden.

Many seeds from the mothball plants had fallen on the lawn. Atilla practised his precision grip and picked them up, collecting the seeds in his right pocket.

Sometimes the fairy-bits fell off. He found fun in picking them up, and blowing them so it floated off into the blue yonder. Mostly the fairy-bits fell to the ground again.

As Dad hadn't cut the grass yet this week, daisy flowers arched their heads towards the small patch of sunshine which found its way past the neighbour's home shadow.

Atilla jump-jumped his path to the daisy patch. They look so pretty and clean. Mum would like flowers. Especially since there wasn't that many in winter.

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