Thursday, 16 June 2011

Raising Baby: Weaning I

So. We started with bought baby rice cereal a month ago. I experimented with home-made carrot last week, including the freezing option. Baby poop turned orange for a spell; I believe I'll refrain from carrots for a fortnight. This week: homemade apple puree.

My ability to cook basic Western dishes is shockingly ill-informed. I had to find instruction to learn how to stew fruit.

I found a book, and diligently chopped apple until I became careless with a sharp knife. (I much prefer large bladed honed Chinese cleavers.)

Mater obligingly helped with chopping fruit, and pushing stewed apple through a sieve to make puree. Truly I am blessed to have such a obliging loved one.

Some of the puree was frozen in ice cube trays. Two teaspoonfuls were reserved to be used within 24 hours. The remainder of the stewed fruit was put into a loaf tin, awaiting crumble topping (made a few days previous, then frozen).

Tonight this wee family had our first meal together: mom & pop had dessert, babe had cereal-apple feed. And it was a good success.

I really enjoy fruit crumble - one of the best dishes ever. And when it is prepped in easy stages, quite a good standby to have in the freezer.

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