Saturday, 18 June 2011

baby eats: fruit puree

Makes 1/2 C (120ml)

Note: Uncooked ripe mashed banana is ok to serve.

Stage 1 (4-6 months+) fruit: apple, pear, peach.

Stage 2 (6-7 months+) fruit: melon, plum.

Stage 3 (8 months+) fruit: kiwifruit, orange, pineapple, berry fruit.

  • 1 medium apple (fruit) - peeled, cored/stoned, diced

  • 1 T water (or formula milk or breast milk)

  1. Put fruit & water into a small pot. Cover and simmer for 10mins until soft.

  2. Press through a sieve/strainer.


  1. Put fruit & water in a microwaveable bowl. Cover, with vent.

  2. Cook on High (100%) for 3 mins. Stand for 5 mins.

  3. Press through sieve/strainer.

To serve: Serve at 30-37 degrees C.

To keep: Cover & transfer to refrigerator, and use within 24 hours.

To freeze: Spoon into ice-cube maker, and freeze. Use within 8-10 months. Defrost: covered in refrigerator.

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