Saturday, 4 June 2011

first family picnic - from handheld [edited by keyboard]

I had a really great time with our picnic. Queen's Birthday weekend, so MK has Monday holiday. We took this opportunity to snatch a picnic lunch at the local park/reserve.

Dad, baby and I made our preparations and we set off, armed and shouldered with food, tea, umbrella and camera. It was a loverly sunny day - atypical winter weather. It was truly more akin to late spring. Young Sir didn't really need any blankets at all.

It was a quiet walk with hardly any traffic around. Birds sang, fooled into thinking it was mating and fighting season. The dew from the grass steamed into the air.

We found a decent picnic spot, and lunched. I'm very pleased with the lunch: I enjoy planning things to eat, even if I'm not very good at this.

A few photos were taken; we showed the various species of birds (sparrow, pigeon, pukeko, ducks, gull) to baby.

Baby showed signs of fussiness.

We wandered home, with the burden of food lightened.

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