Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Bringing up baby: update April 2013

It’s been a while. Just been too busy with life.

Tilly has developed quite a bit since the last instalment. He’s verbalising much more. Some new catchphrases:
“Oh sure!”
“Be careful!”
"Thank you"
"Help please!"
"I'm stuck!"
"Find Daddy"
"Find Polar Bear"
“What you doing?!” accompanied by a body pose of standing sternly with knuckled hands on hips.
"Go way" (after he's been told by Authority not to do something, and he wants to do it anyway).

He’s still Marching, and Beep beeping.

Marching has a new addition. We march around on the bed in a steady pace, then stamp/march furiously in one spot, then fall over. He’s small enough to bounce on his tush. I have to bounce more carefully.

One of my happy thoughts is when he wanted to March March with a freebie Mother’s Day rose I’d received from the supermarket.

I made him some slippers a few weeks ago. They are too big. He’ll grow into them. In the meantime, they keep falling off his feet, he cries, and we have to find them and put them back on his feet. Even if it’s still dark and he’s just come out of bed and we’ve been woken directly from a deep sleep.

His bodyshape is changing. He’s more lines than rounds now.

He is absolutely lovely.

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