Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bringing up baby: 2 April 2013

Today I had Tilly all to myself.

It started at 6.15am. Change in routine, he wanted yoghurt rather than milk as his first thing.

Why not.

Then, play dough.

Why not.

All this while I did some tidying up of the kitchen, neatening out the laundry (so I can take it outside to hang in the to-be-expected sunshine). Thanks to Husband's help, we caught the rubbish truck in time.

Palaver happened. I got to eat breakfast, and doze for 5 mins or so.

Then we all got dressed to take Husband to work, and Tilly to the doctor.

He likes the fishes in the aquarium at the clinic. He has an ear infection, and is teething - not that I notice any sort of these things, even though I floss his teeth most nights.

Highlights of today:
  • Being with Tilly as he watches Michael Jackson - on the mega screen at the electronics store - preparing for his last world tour. Tilly could so totally dance like on Smooth Criminal.
  • Accompanying Tilly on is walkabout around the playground, and back into Sylvia Park, and into the mechanical Buzzy Bee.
  • Not spending $40 on the cutest little backpack for a toddler.
  • Being with Tilly as he had his morning snack, sitting on the couches in the middle of the mall. We saw rainbows on the ceiling, where the light refracted through the glass. He was charmed. I found him charming.
  • Not spending $20 on the cutest lunch backpack from Smiggle.
  • Accompanying Tilly on his walkabout up the escalator, and down the lift.
  • Being with Tilly while he played at Thomas the Tank table. I also had another chance to relax, and almost caught up on my 6am wake-up stress.
  • I bought Animalia, by Graeme Base, for Tilly. He swapped me Polar Bear for it, and he carried the large paperback all by himself down the stairs, through the mall. At some point he decided I could help to carry him as he carried his new book.
  • We saw the National Bank horse again. Tilly greeted it, and then allowed we could leave to get to the car.
  • Tilly allowed me to nap for 5mins in the rocking chair, after he had awoken from his nap. He was so quiet, and looked after himself, sitting quietly with Polar Bear.
  • We went to the doctor again, as Tilly developed a persistent hacking cough. Normal, said the doctor.
  • We went to the playground. He swung.
  • He allowed us to go to the local sushi shop, so I could get some miso soup. I got him a snack-sized sushi.
  • He enjoyed his sushi. The birds enjoyed his spilled sushi.
  • He swung again.
  • Everybody else went home. Tilly decided to play on the other areas: lizard wall (he tried for a while by himself, and became frustrated, and decided I could help him - I'm so proud he tried), log bridge, blue slide, lizard wall, yellow slide, green net next to yellow slide.
  • He climbed the green net to reach the yellow slide almost all by himself. The only physical assistance I gave was to heave him onto the first rung.
  • He climbed the green net by himself twice.
  • He played by himself, while I sat at the top of the yellow slide platform steps. He made hand actions, and described a story to himself.

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