Monday, 27 May 2013

Bringing up baby: Dual wielding Atilla at Two.

Dual wielding Atilla v2 (c) ^_^ 2013
1) On Saturday, Atilla was positively playful. He delayed his bath-time with Daddy through the excuse of helping Mummy with sweeping up the dining room and kitchen floors. Sure, as parental units, we like to encourage volunteers with household chores. We give verbal instructions, such as,
"You need a big broom, and the brush. You don't need two big brooms."
"Even Mister Miyagi couldn't use two brooms at the same time."

We discover new things.
"Well, Tilly just proved me wrong. He can use two brooms at the same time." And he did. He really did. Each broom head swept up the bits on the floor.

Then Daddy came in, and Tilly pursued Daddy's feet with two brooms.
"I'm two!" Tilly says proudly.

2) Atilla is becoming incredibly verbose. His language is practiced every day. It's so cute. I love hearing it. What he says is grammatically correct, and can be contextually wrong. He says, "I'm two!" frequently throughout the day. He is two years old.

What he means is, "I have two [of the same items]". 

3) Tilly can count to two. Proven.
3.1) We're wondering if he can start his count from 1. His counting system often starts, "Two, Four, Six" or "Two Four Five".
3.2) I'm wondering if he quite understands counting. I've been the audience as he counts his 4 stuffed animal bed companions, "Two Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten".

Note: Dual-wielding Atilla at One.

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