Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bringing up baby: Bunga bunga & 21 May 2013

Tilly has a new sound: "Bunga bunga", "Bunga bung"

It is used in Play, such as when he's stomping around on the bed, or clapping games, or Banging Things On Other Things games.

Last night was quite good. For the first time, he asked to use the toilet to poop. We were so happy. I hope it continues. It's only been two years since we started Elimination Communication.

I've made him his second set of slippers. They're still too big. He made a request for another one. Daddee protested, saying it takes too long. We'll see. I've found the stash of acrylic 8ply which could do the trick. No more fancy stuff, just a straight pattern. I should be able to complete it within two weeks.

This morning, midnight even, Tilly had a nightmare. He woke up inconsolable, and I had to cuddle him like a baby, like I used to. That was the only way he calmed down after 5-10mins of shrieking tears to the point of up-chucking.

This morning, 5.30am or so, I woke up with the pitter patter of little feet kicking my face. Nice. He'd taken off his slippers because they were too big.


We're getting better at exiting the home in the morning while keeping good humour. Tilly likes to play a lot.

He does make life a lot more fun.

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