Friday, 14 December 2012

Bringing up baby: Early December 2012

We've had several good days in a row with Tilly. We all got along, with reduced whining.

I've still been quite tired, and unable to write up our wonderful times together for posterity. Too busy ticking off the Bucket List with playing and living.

We have a new dishwasher, bought with a discount, so we can have less moaning of dish washing duty and more enjoying family.

10 December 2012

This morning was interesting.

Tilly was peckish at daycare and determined to have his lunch for early morning tea. He was persuaded to have his blueberries instead.

His younger friend, Milly, was paying close and interested attention to the proceedings. I'm a natural sharer. I like to share my nice things. I think other people like to share too. I ask Tilly if he wanted to share some blueberries with Milly.

He became simultaneously alarmed, and mulish. He refused to open his container of blueberries. I repeat my question in two other ways, thinking he didn't understand me. The reality was I hadn't  understood his reply.

His non-response I interpret thus: I want to have my berries. I don't want to share my berries. I would rather keep my berries without eating than have to share them. Please don't make me share my berries.

I reassure him that he didn't have to share if he didn't want to. I reassured him thrice.

He believed me. He settled down into his chair and allowed me to open his container of berries. He kept a wary eye on Milly, just in case, and carefully ate one blueberry at a time.

They also did cookie baking today. Delicious.

We got home, and Daddee and Tilly went to pick the new season plums from the tree. I helped what I could.

Daddee got dinner, while Tilly and I went to the playground. He and I had a disagreement on the conditions for Swing. I insisted he had to have his hands free to grasp the swing and he had to be not eating. He insisted he would like to hold his plum and be swinging.

We each got our way. I didn't swing him, and he and the strong-ish wind moved him enough to satisfy his 'swing' quota while he picked and licked and peeled his plum.

Tilly has been happy to brush his teeth lately. It makes me happy. He prefers to chew the brush. D'oh.

Last Monday Tilly got some helium balloons. Daddee transformed one into a contraption to help Tilly's finger puppet dragon to fly. And we are all very happy with the flying dragon. It gives the family great joy to see it floating between rooms, and up the stairs.

drawing of flying dragon, helium balloon
Flying dragon (c) ^_^ 2012

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