Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bringing up baby: 3 December 2012

Day at daycare with Tilly,
Tilly's Celebration party.

Tilly was born in the lull period between Christmas Day and New Year. We begin to face the implications for his life-long tribulations.

1. It may be difficult to have people come to his birthday party. Potential guests would have made long-term holiday plans not involving coming to his party. For instance, this year his overseas cousins and aunty and uncle are not coming. His daycare is closed and his friends will not be available.

Partial solution: have a party for him and his friends before daycare closes for the year and before all his friends leave. That means a party on 3 December 2012.

I got permission from daycare, and agreement from Daddee. Aunty joined in and provided assistance on the day.

We had 5 foil helium balloons - stars, and farmyard theme. We had homemade cake, and fruit jelly.

We had fun.

I'm still Tilly's possession. I can't play with any other kid without his permission. He got quite unhappy. 

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