Monday, 3 December 2012

Bringing up baby: 1 December 2012

I should have remembered the first rule of Parenting.

1) Expect to have your plans upstaged.

Our plan for today: be relaxed; receive delivery of new dishwasher; I go to work for two or four hours; I come back and play with Tilly for the afternoon.


What happened today: woke up early, relaxed and watched Tilly asleep. Relaxed, and looked after Tilly until 0820.

0820: Tilly inserted a pomegranate seed up his left nostril.
0825: Dadee came to our rescue and calmed things down a bit.
0830: we received the new dishwasher.
0855: Dadee tried the Remove Pomegranate Seed technique he learned from the Internet - close other nostril, and blow hard into kid's mouth until object comes out of nostril.
0855-0915: Tilly fights us off.
0915-0930: Dadee and me battle to get Tilly into the car and carseat.
0940: we get to local A&E.
0940-1000: Tilly is calm and discovering new territory. "Digger!"
1000-1020: Tilly fights off forcep-wielding doctor.
1040-1150: Tilly is calm and re-discovering new territory of Starship Children's hospital out-clinic A&E section.
1150-1220: Tilly and Mummee finds the kid's play area previously mentioned by receptionist 30mins ago, and plays there happily.
1220-1225: 3 medical staff wrap Tilly up firmly in a sheet and distract him, while Daddee closes Tiily's right nostril, and blows hard into his mouth until pomegranate seed pops out and hits Daddee on the cheek and bounces onto the floor; Mummee claps delightedly and cheers for Tilly and Daddee, praising both indiscriminately.
1230-1240: try to pay to get out of car park.
1245: got out of car park.
1250: arrive at work.
1300: start work.
1820: finish work.
1824: play with Tilly as he discovers the beauty of my work place and shows them to me.

Tilly had great fun with the shallow steps which led zig-zag up the slope. He invited me to pretend-jump (like he does with his friends at daycare). I did. We laughed with pleasure. We walked, handholding. We ran, handholding.

He is so much fun.

Tonight after his bath we had a lot of fun too. He and I hid beneath a pile of pillows.

Daddee is very tired from his exertions today. He's my hero.

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