Monday, 17 December 2012

Bringing up baby: 12 December 2012 immemorable

This morning Tilly had to poop.

He was also quite -gruntled. Nothing was good enough. Everything was worthy of discussion and counter-thrust.

It had to be Daddee helping him poop. Mummee had to be in the same room. Elephant tissue box had to be played with, to help him relax enough to poop.

And he just had to muck about with Elephant's trunk. And pull it in half. And dissolve into tears. And work himself up to a right state of anxiety.

Assertions that we would fix up Elephant after daycare only prompted more passionate wails.

Daddee stayed with Tilly through all this. Mummee piked out for the last 5-10mins.

I came back in time to help the Clean Butt routine, and subsequent processes.

"Now, Tilly," I said as I held him in my lap, "You're feeling sad. Are you sad because Elephant's trunk is broken?"

He is unable to verbally answer, but his crying decreases in decibels.

"We can fix Elephant after daycare."

He starts to tremble and shake.

"You want us to fix Elephant now?"

His crying lessens further.

"Okay, we'll fix Elephant now." I give instruction to long suffering Daddee to bring the operation materials: tape.

Daddee brings the tape. I carefully and dedicatedly peer and prod and manipulate the two pieces of Elephant's cardboard trunk together; Daddee gives me a piece of tape; I tape the trunk; Daddee gives me a second piece of tape; I tape the trunk.

Tilly's tears have stopped.

Tilly asks for Elephant's company in the car. "大 象 [da xiang]?"

"No Tilly, Elephant has to rest now. Lion will look after the bathroom."

He allows this.

An hour after Tilly had to poop, we leave the house.

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