Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Life: superstition 4 November 2012

November hasn't been good to me so far.

Good stuff: Atilla going to sleep nicely.
Bad stuff: Me being too tired to help Atilla brush his teeth before going to sleep quietly.

Bad: my spectacles fell apart on me while I was driving to work on Friday.
Good: patched it together to arrive at work, and patched it further at work, then screwed the screw in tighter when I got home.

Bad: my craft credenza got locked up so I couldn't open it.
Good: husband opened it with a wire coat hanger. Go wire coat hangers!

Bad: I ran into the corner of my bedroom wall early this morning - I had been asleep, it was dark, Atilla was sobbing in his bed. I cracked and chipped my tooth.
Good: Tooth not broken.

Bad: just too darned tired all the time.
Good: wonderful husband stepping up to do house cleaning, cooking, laundry, parenting Atilla.

Okay, maybe November is a learning month. Learning again how wonderful life is with my husband.

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