Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Life: 5 November 2012

Litany, continued.

Good: lovely morning time at day care with Atilla.

Good: appointment with dentist.
Bad: almost crashed into another car while backing out; almost crashed into truck while going back to work.

Good: finishing work 'early', and hardly any traffic on road.

Good: Watching Atilla interacting with other kids.
Bad: a kid bit Atilla's arm. Twice. Hard enough to leave bruises. :-(

Good: watching Atilla play in Big Kid's playground with new arrangement - there is a rope bridge! He braved it.

Good/Bad: Atilla handed me a booger to look after.
Good: I threw it away.

Good: Atilla settling easily to sit in his car seat.

Bad: almost falling asleep several times while driving home.
Good: didn't fall asleep driving home.

Good: dancing with Atilla at home.

Good: helping Atilla poop into toilet.

Good: early supper made by Dadee.

Good: awake enough to help clear away some of dinner mess.

Good: 40 min nap after dinner.

Good: helping Atilla get dressed after bath. While naked, he snuggled himself between two pillows.He 'lost' his Sea Horse and Capt Bob, and 'found' them again. Several times. He climbed off the bed. He clambered back onto the bed. He has become quite good at throwing Capt Bob.

Good: watching fireworks with Atilla and Dadee. Atilla was nervous and scared at first. However after 10 minutes he settled into a lovely excited shrieks: "fireworks!" "boom!"

Good: Dadee helping Atilla brush teeth.

Good: helping Atilla go to sleep.

Good: writing this up.

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