Monday, 5 November 2012

Life: 3 November 2012

Of note, in reverse order:

Husband coming to my rescue, in my enactment of Damsel In Distress; Sleeping Atilla; Housework completed, more or less; Recuperative time out for me as Dadee looked after Atilla by means of duck pond, DVDs; Napping Atilla; Naming more of Atilla's daycare clothes; Attending Michaels Park School Fair; Atilla helping me get dressed after getting out of bed; Atilla letting me sleep in until 7am.

I've still been too tired this week to recall much of note. I've worked late three times, and finally called in my parents to help with unscheduled child care.

I'm so grateful they indulge me and Atilla so much. I hope I can be as selfless one day.

Ah Gong has given Atilla a No. 5 haircut. I am regretful. He has even less curls now. I miss his curls. His head shape is like a little boy's, and I find myself having Expectations of his behaviour. I become less indulgent. Or it could be I'm less tolerant due to being tired.

I still feel incredibly special that he thinks I'm the best person in the world. His expectation is exhausting to fulfil.

He has been acting up today. This morning he deliberately knocked the 3 pots of mustard seedlings off the table. There were a few other things he did which appeared to have no useful reason other than he was frustrated in some way and his thinking skipped a few.

This afternoon he and I wasted almost a full packet of dried mixed berries. I was very annoyed by myself, and him, and myself.

Then I think back to even further today, to this morning when we went to the fair. He took my hand, and wanted my company as he strolled through the grounds of Michaels Park School, and in his Play. We walked the circuit of ramp and steps three times. He ambitiously attempted the sloping hillock, which must have been at a 45 degree incline or more. We meandered the circuit of pathway, flowers three times. We sat under a plum tree, whose blossoms had blown onto the ground. He chortled, and pointed out the flowers on the ground. He held a mono-dialogue, and his Play ended. We looked for Dadee.

As we walked and strollered home, Atilla insisted on seeing the horses one last time. I'm impressed by his ability to locate wildlife wherever he arrives. He's still got a good memory for the things important to him. The horses, in this instance, was at the 'village blacksmith' stall. A large piece of fabric with an image of stampeding horses, and a border of horses. I talked Dadee into buying it. We had already visited the smithy three times so that Atilla could see the horses. He is one determined kiddo.

He was mostly good this morning. Letting me sleep in, helping me dress, having his milk, having his nappy changed with minimum fuss, helping me toilet...things went downhill from there as I tried to prepare breakfast. My thoughts wisted to last week. Oh, to have another good one!

Though last week wasn't so good for Dadee.

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