Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Life: 14 November 2012

I've struck by this debilitating cold since Monday afternoon.

I'm stuck with this blocked nose and consequent headache. Bath didn't work. Drink didn't work. Gonna try sleep again.

I was much better today.

Atilla woke us up. He woke me up by gently touching me, and then greeting me with his delightful smile.

He became whiny after that, when several things didn't go his own way.

Oh, and he prefers the name "Tilly" than Atilla.

Grand parents collected Tilly from daycare, and looked after him while I got dinner. I ate, he didn't .

Next I gave him a bath. Getting to that stage was a right performance.

But things went well after that.

Bath, play in bath, then naked play in bed, then Daddee came home, and Tilly got dressed and so forth.

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