Saturday, 1 September 2012

Bringing up baby: general summary

We're doing fine. Spring is arriving, and the climate is sunny and mild with flashes of winter. Atilla has stopped being ill and his temper is much improved, and so is mine.

Although Daddy and I are ill.

Can't have everything.

Atilla helps me realise how fortunate I am.

I missed him, when I had 36 hours to myself.

He talks to himself a bit more, reads picture books with words by himself, enjoys his independence, and he understands a lot more now.

He still has an odd hiccoughing effect when he's pleased and says "yesh".

His pronunciation is improving with familiar words/images, e.g. 'cow'. He's still working on 'cockerel' ('coko'), 'dolphin' ('dot'), 'monkey' ('babbitt').

He is charming and adorable and beautiful. I tell him so. He's fun.

Atilla has taken to playing with his food before he eats it, and after reading Play and Pedagogy, I don't mind. As part of his play, he likes to feed it to me. He takes great joy in feeding me, and receiving my thanks.

He's taken to our Wii Fit Plus in a major way. Happily a visit to the playground is still trumps. He likes the Wii Kung-fu. He likes the Marching. The bike with a cat companion. The Segway with a cat companion. He likes the cat.

He wants to stroke our neighbour's cat, but never does it. We bought a cat brush, hoping to instill some familiarity between these two. The cat saunters away when the brush is in his small hands, and nuzzles me when I hold the brush.

One of Atiila's most versatile word is "stuck". I am astounded how often it can be applied in one day. A synonym could be "broken" but we'll take our time.

I must write down his thoughtfulness when he was writing for his Aunty's birthday. I must write down how he currently stands up for himself at daycare.

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