Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bringing up baby: 27 August 2012 Part Deux

Once in his car seat, He became bored looking out the window stuck in traffic. He babbled to himself, practising his words, consonants and favourite sounds. "Bottle" frequented many times. And "moon".

Bored, he found another distraction - a free handout booklet from Drusilla's Park, replete with animals and Thomas the tank engine.

He continued to be fascinated by this as we flowed with the traffic, which today was extremely free-flowing; 10 minutes on the motorway only. He waited patiently for Daddy to finish work and come to the car. He greeted Daddy most charmingly.

It was a lovely warm early evening, the sun was still up, and it was still early. I talked Daddy into a diversion at the playground. A great time was had by all. 

Atilla prefers Daddy's swing-hefting instead of Mummy's swing-pushing. He enjoyed the twisty thing that's not a roundabout. 

We coaxed Atilla to go home. 

Once home, he was still pleasant and agreeable. We played for a while with the WiiFit Plus while Daddy cooked pasta dinner. And we played some more.

Just before dinner was plated, Atilla realised he urgently needed to poop. We swung into poop-mode. And a satisfactory time was had by all. Then he put on a training pant.

At dinner, Atilla truly enjoyed himself. On his plate he was served his preferred pasta - spaghetti. It was splendid. He used his hands to stuff the long strand into his mouth. He used his hands to whirl the spaghetti like a poi-string. He tasted Mummy's pasta. He tasted Daddy's pasta. He ate Daddy's pasta. And to Mummy's pleased astonishment, he finished off his own dinner! 

Then it was bath-time. He understood Mummy was going to do housework while Daddy looked after him. His training pant was dry, so he has some modicum of sphincter control. Yay!

At the bedtime routine, we read a few books, played with his puzzles, and undressed Caillou for bed. Atilla drank his milk bottle while cradled in my arms. He handed his empty bottle to me, and fell asleep.

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