Monday, 27 August 2012

Bringing up baby: 27 August 2012

Tonight we had one of our best nights.

Atilla decided he wanted to play a while at the big toddler play area, so we dawdled there a while. He perched happily on a high 'seat', gumming the teat of his bottle.

He spotted a ball, so I assisted in getting it - I walked to the ball, picked it up and walked back to give it to him. He continued to perch. He inspected the ball, then accidentally dropped it. He made to scramble down to retrieve it, so I assisted. I walked to the ball, picked it up and walked back to give it to him. He grinned. He dropped the ball again purposely. It became a game, as he asked me to retrieve it for him. We had 2-3 iterations.

I reminded him Daddy was waiting for us. Atilla dropped the ball, which now rolled into the covered sandpit. He scrambled down and wanted to retrieve the ball. Of course, I spoiled his fun by picking up the ball and placed it high from his reach.

By now Atilla's attention is on the family departing the daycare. Father, mother, baby and pram and daycare baggage. He rattles the child-proofed gate-door. He is very insistent. I congratulate myself on finding Atilla's motivation - seeing Daddy.

He had other ideas. He points past the family, and I see an abandoned stuffed bunny. Observant Atilla is doing one of his good deeds for the day. He picks up the bunny and toddles fairly quickly to the exit. He is stymied by the stranger at the gate and his shyness. I help him past the stranger, and we give the bunny to the mother. Atilla was thanked directly.

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