Saturday, 8 September 2012

Bringing up baby: sweeper, and other things

Atilla is incredible. Tonight he decided he wanted to help clean up the kitchen before he had a bath. He did it Mummy's finicky way - amazing.

He got the adult-sized light weight microfibre-loop sweeper, and swept his self-designated area so cleaning. He got the adult-sized light weight plastic bristle broom, and swept the same area. And to top it all off, he got the dustpan and brush and swept up the remains!

I thanked him, Daddy thanked him, and Atilla went to his bath with nary a fuss. 
He is amazing. 

Earlier today (8 Sept 2012) we had a few errands at Sylvia Park. Most important was a haircut for Daddy and son.

By the time son got into the hairdressers' chair, he had lost patience with the whole outing. So we got a pair of hairdressing scissors for Mummy.

When we arrived home, Atilla was fast asleep upright in his car seat. 

The Grooming Fairy got into action, and snipped his front curls away. I miss his baby curls. The rest of his hair is straight. 

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